The Museum of UnCut Funk and Sista ToFunky came to support!

I was invited to attend Kids Comic Con 6 at the Church of the Mediator in the Bronx, New York today by Alex Simmons the creator of the Blackjack comic book. As I made my way around the room, I was happy to see the number of parents bringing their children out to the Con, which was held on Free Comic Book Day. There were a number of Kool Cats and Hip Chicks who had works of art inked in Black and White which I find aesthetically pleasing.

I introduced myself to each and every vendor as the Curator of the Museum of Uncut Funk and I offered an opportunity to exhibit their work in our Aesthetic Grooves blog at the museum.

I look forward to attending this event next year and the possibilities of working with Alex to spread the word about Kids Comic Con. It’s a much needed event and if there is anything that I do to support more young people reading I will do my part to help Alex and his Kids Comic Con.

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