Welcome to Cafe 70, The Museum Of UnCut Funk’s newest blog!

You may be asking yourself why have a cafe at The Museum of UnCut Funk? Well most great museums have cafes so their patrons can get a quick eat on between exhibits. The Brooklyn Museum, MOMA and The New Museum, to name a few, all have cafes. However, since our museum is virtual, our cafe – Cafe 70 – is our virtual eatery where our patrons can hangout with me – the curator, Sista ToFunky – and watch as I make some of my favorite foods in between visiting museum attractions.

Cafe 70 will consist of my recipes that put an unconventional spin on Soul Food and FUNK IT UP!  I will prepare some of my favorite foods and quick dishes. I will share some of my favorites things to eat from my favorite restaurants, food shops and gourmet spots that offer the ultimate gastronomical experience. I will also provide my perspective on wines, cocktails beers and other beverages that I think taste good.

I am by no means a trained chef…I am a foodie who loves to cook and eat high quality food that is delicious.

Food is somewhat like art in that it is subjective. My philosophy is that if it tastes good eat it…if it looks good buy it. Like the Museum of UnCut Funk, Cafe 70 has the potential to become an actual space one day. But until then, I will continue to create my dishes, host gatherings among friends and family to share my food and invite guests to create with me for the benefit of cafe visitors.

[quoteicon author=”Sista ToFunky”] I have as much of a passion for cooking as I do for collecting and for the 1970’s!

I hope you will come and join me on this culinary ride of funk and flavor![/quoteicon]

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