We just picked up our art from our first traveling exhibition show at Toonsuem in Pittsburgh today. Now it’s time to get our eat on at Seviche.

Seviche is a Latin Asian fusion restaurant that makes great drinks and excellent sushi. They also have great Tapas and a very inviting atmosphere.

I started out with a Mixed Berry Mojito made with Cruzan Raspberry rum, mixed berry simple syrup, muddled mint, fresh lime and a splash of soda, and followed up with a Caipirnha, a traditional Brazilian cocktail made with Cachaca (distilled sugar cane juice), fresh lime and raw sugar.

If you want to eat at Seviche make a reservation. I did not have a reservation and ended up sitting at the sushi bar. But for me this was the best seat in the house, because I was able to have a great conversation with the chefs as I watched them prepare my food.

For appetizers, my dinner guest and I had the Corn and Goat Cheese Croqueitas made with fresh herb coulis and guajillo peanut sauce. Then we had the Grass Feed Beef Tacos with local grass fed beef, pico de gallo, chiffonade romaine lettuce, aged Manchego cheese, Crème Fraiche…they were soooo good.

We were able to keep our menus and order as we went along. I tried the Cuban Sushi Roll, which was made with hand-harvested scallops, roasted corn polenta, wilted spinach, peruvian BBQ sauce, Red cabbage, butternut squash slaw, chorizo and sherry potato salad. I later tried the Mojo Criollo Nigiri, made with Sashimi Salmon and Ahi tuna over Sushi Rice with a Citrus vinaigrette, and Sweet and Spicy Soy Sauce.

Did I enjoy myself…absolutely…I ate like it was my last meal!

Seviche  – 930 Penn Avenue, Pittsburgh PA 15222  – 412 – 697 – 3120 – http://www.seviche.com

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