Vince White is a Graphic Designer, Commercial Illustrator, and Web Designer turned Comic Book Writer, Creator, Penciller, Inker, Letterer and Colorist all-in-one. Among his many said creations, WILLPOWER is his latest comic book endeavor.


Originally from Virginia, Vince found his love for comics while living in the hometown of Image Comics’, La Holla, San Diego, California. After a stint of being a comic book groupie and industry background artist for a few small press titles, he hung up his art-board and entered the field of Professional Graphic Design. Now like Superman after a hiatus in the Fortress-Of -Solitude, he has returned to the world of comics, but this time, he is now recharged by the Earth’s yellow Sun! Now Vince is based in Norfolk Virginia and producing comics as DarkLight Studios / Primal Paper Comics. Armed with a joke and a smile and ostensibly an unlimited supply of ideas, the industry has good reason to welcome and keep an eye out for this both old and new creative talent.

Who Is Will Power???

Character synopsis from the WILL POWER website:

William Power was your everyday, all-American, High School Teen who played Quarterback for his school, the Green Field High Titans! 6’3″ and over 230 lb., He has always been a towering role model to his fellow classmates. Raised in a respectable home by his father, Jonathan (a Physics-Engineer) and mother Jasmine (a psychologist), Young William was a gentle giant at heart. But when the universe changed his fate, making him one of the most powerful men alive, William had to find his place in a new world as WILL POWER, The Legend of all heroes!

Another perspective from Jacques Nyemb at

The Legend of WILL POWER follows the adventures of a young high school football player named William Power and his journey to becoming one of the greatest heroes of all. The twist is young William never truly receives powers or gains tremendous strength. The secret to this living legends heroism is that it’s the universe that gets weak. Join Will as he discovers the wonders of his uniqueness and what it means to truly be a hero.

You can purchase WILL POWER comics, as well as merchandise at the WILL POWER website. You can join the WILLPOWER fan club on facebook.

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