Jericho Projects has been publishing since 2001 when its initial presence was made known with the comic book, Teshuvah, Prophets of Jah.

After below modest returns, Director Adrian “Asia” Petty went through a self imposed hiatus suggested by Lady Death creator, c. Adrian returned in late 2008 with the preview issue of the genre blending and audacious quasi super hero narrative, Ms. Johnni. Since then, Ms. Johnni has captured the interest of fans and critics alike with its introspective look on the main character in search of her missing daughter.

During this task, Adrian has had the honor of working with many talented people. This list includes Javier Lugo, artist of Frank Ng-Hired Gun, a bestselling book on and inker Joe Rubinstein, who many credits include, Superman, Batman and the Uncanny X-Men. Rebecca Fedun, an incredibly talented artist from Savannah School of Art and Design is handling pencils and inks. Long time friend and associate, Sherrie Hunt, is covering the duties of creative consultant, colorist and graphic artist. Others who have lent a hand on production include artist and inker Donté K. Hayes, artists Geoffrey Gwin, Marcel Zero and Buddy Prince.

The mission at Jericho Projects is simple: Unhinged, untapped and untold.TM

Ms Johnni character info:

Unhappy. Frustrated housewife. Self-esteem, weight and eating issues. These are labels that haunt Johnni Archie. One day, her life is changed forever when her daughter, Taylor, gets kidnapped. Now she must work with new found partners, Asia-Caroline, Lennyx and her own alienated son, Justin, to find Taylor. Johnni’s will to accomplish her goal may be hampered by her own demons.


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