I’m delighted to exhibit the work of Richard Tyler and his character Jaycen WISE. There is a sense of mystery that surrounds this character that leaves me hungry for more…well done!

Richard Tyler is a graduate of the Morgan State University Fine Arts Program where he matriculated with a bachelor’s degree in Illustration and Design. He is an accomplished visual artist who had his works first exhibited publically at the Corcoran Gallery of Art in Washington, DC at age the age of 15. Richard has worked as a professional in the design field as a freelance artist, publisher and art director for the past ten years. His most recent artistic enterprises have been as coordinator of research and development for Wesley Snipes’ Dark Matter Majic Studios, where he worked on the sci-fi motion comic/animation Omandi Mech 5; the multiplatform action/adventure franchise Julius Styles: The International (in conjunction with Lapland Studios – Finland); and live-action film Master Daddy.

He is also well recognized as the creator of the popular underground action/adventure franchise Jaycen Wise: Hero at Large, described in Black Comix: African American Independent Comics Art and Culture (Random House) as “an icon of black comics”; as well as the property Indigo: Essence of the Assassin.

Jaycen Wise is an immortal warrior / scholar hailing from The Golden Ages of antiquity (a period that is so remote that it has been relegated to the realms of mythology.) He is the Last Son of the African Empire of Kush, which dominated the Ancient World, and spread knowledge, wisdom and peace across the globe. He is charged with the lofty responsibility of battling the forces of ignorance and darkness, to ensure the eternal preservation of knowledge, truth and light. He believes he can accomplish anything he sets his mind to.

He is an avid student and teacher, and seeks to always better himself physically, mentally and spiritually. He has had the luxury of sitting at the feet of innumerable masters of countless arts down through the ages. He has had an immortal’s lifetime to perfect his skills and improve upon these teachings, and is driven by an insatiable hunger for knowledge, adventure and self-mastery.

twitter: @JaycenWise

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