I met Jerome Walford at the Bronx Heroes Comic Con and ran into him again at the East Coast Black Age of Comics Convention (ECBACC), where we discussed his Nowhere Man character. I then spent some time on his website and I knew that I wanted to share his work with our visitors. I think you will really enjoy getting to know Jerome and Nowhere Man.

Located in Brooklyn, New York, COMIXMAG (CXM) is an independent comics and entertainment media venture founded in 2010 by artist and writer, Jerome Walford. Projects in development by the venture cover a wide range of genres, but all focus on timeless themes that reflect the strength and struggles of the human spirit. The Blue Griffin Studio is home for CXM. The Blue Griffin is a boutique ad agency where Jerome produces advertising and commercial illustration work.

CXM’s current feature-length project is a graphic novel mini-series titled “Nowhere Man”. This crime drama series is a psychological thriller that follows the journey of an ambitious police detective to unravel a major conspiracy, even as he struggles to deal with the loss of his own father on 9/11. The story is driven by strong complex character relationships and challenges the reader to not take any detail for granted.


Think you know Jack? Think again.

Just when you thought you knew who you were and what you were willing to do, things go sideways. Somewhere between the will to act and regret lies your true self. How far will you go for the thing you want the most? Introducing “Nowhere Man”, the ground-breaking series. A psychological thriller that follows Jack Maguire, an ambitious police detective caught in the middle of the biggest conspiracy of all time.


“Walford paints a perfect picture of a man who has begun to let his ambitions and drives overrun his life…

a character that many of us can easily relate to.”

William Kulesa, NJ.com

“…’grounded’ in some respects, preferring to focus in on the players of the game, promoting substance over style. That isn’t to say the visuals weren’t very crisp or detailed –  on the contrary, the focus on detailed facial expressions was what intrigued me in the first place…

humanizing police drama.”

Interview with Dwight Tejano, OpenTheFridge.net


Detective, Jack Maguire

Jack Maguire is a second-generation police officer, and NYPD detective. He is the son of the late officer Emmitt Maguire, who died as a first responder on 9/11. Motivated to achieve the highest rank possible, Jack amassed an unbelievable record of closed homicide cases. Unbeknown to most, Jack has an edge. A mysterious disc-shaped device buried in his left wrist protects him from harm by allowing him to shield or phase through objects that present a danger to his life. But this comes at a price. The device not only has a mind of its own, but also awakens Zade, a superhuman agent.

After a series police misconduct cases, Jack was transferred to the 14th precinct, a motley crew of officers held together by Captain Whittaker where continues to use his powers to gain the advantage.

Junior Detective, Rose Yancey

Junior detective, Rose Yancey is the partner to Jack Maguire and his love interest. He has revealed to her a few of his powers. Rose is also niece to Captain Whittaker. Despite being a talented left-hand dominant marksman, she lacks Maguire’s drive and ambition. Rose now finds her herself strangely in love with Jack, who becomes reckless at times putting her life in danger.

Captain, Simon Whittaker

Simon Whittaker is the captain of the 14th precinct of Manhattan. Along with adhering to a tough department code of conduct, he has also been known to force “unqualified” officers to quit the NYPD entirely. As a surviving first responder in the 9/11 Tragedy, he is held in high regard throughout the entire New York Police Department.  He has bent the rules on occasion. One example was attempting to fast track his talented yet sheepish niece, Rose Yancey into a pilot joint task force program. Whittaker secretly suffers from extreme bouts with survivor’s guilt.


Jack is “possessed” by a military agent, code named ZADE, a well-trained, unidentified operative with no national or military affiliation. He acts and strikes targets by his own initiative and ideals.  His powers are harnessed by A small devices that let him control electromagnetic energy, phase through objects, shield against projectiles and hack all manner of electronic and biological networks, including the human brain. His powers are charged by draining power by electrically-­­powered objects. He is also equipped with two semi-autonomous flying disc-shaped devices that augment his defense and sight, as well as enable him to stealthily travel across the city skyline.

Sergeant, Ben Rocolski

Sergeant Ben Rocolski is a highly decorated military veteran, he received 6 medals for valor and bravery for his service during the Gulf War (1990-1991). Rocolski Then took an early retirement and kept a low profile for many years.

Whittaker soon found Rocolski and selected him for his precinct where he serves as the captain’s senior officer and confidential advisor. Rocolski mentored Jack Maguire briefly after he was transferred to the 14th precinct.

To learn more about the series, read early drafts and preordering info, visit: http://www.comixmag.com/

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