The purpose of Aesthetic Grooves is to give up and coming artists a platform to exhibit their work. In pursuing this endeavour, I have met several artists whose work I like. Lana Andrade’s comic strips and watercolors fall into this category. They are funny and to the point and her water color art is hip, kool and sexy. I hope you do too! Check out her blog page. You can also find additional drawings on her facebook page.

the beginning of the broke ass artist.

i went to girls inc for about a year or two. i enjoyed it because it got me out of the house for a few hours, but i hated it because i was surrounded by girls. ones similar to the ashleys from recess or the heathers. bitchy cliquey little girls who didnt want to do ANYTHING but sit around and gossip. and the counselers were no better… so of course i stood out.

well we had career day at girls inc. one saturday, and all the little robots stood up and recited what they thought the career day lady wanted to hear (she was a nurse i think) so half the group were nurses and doctors, the other half were teachers and lawyers. i was the only artist in the group. the sad part was, the “adults” were going to let them continue to ridicule me. until i was about to take a swing at one of them.

i think i started drawing afros and black girls mostly because i feel that i didnt see enough of “me” in the media: tv, magazines, etc. so i started drawing them. i remembered those velvet paintings from the 70’s and the movie posters from back then too. i would spend hours digging thru my dad’s album collection, i think all this has played a part in my art.

i like drawing comics-i have a webcomic: and im working on more. im always available for commissions

Lana Andrade


  • March 6, 2013

    Right, because people can totally commission you by contacting you via tumblr… oh wait… they can’t. And you have no contact info listed.

    Your art has style, and you could succeed at a webcomic. (They’re not that hard and, honestly, you meet the minimum bar. However, I read webcomics to laugh. You have to have a mix of funnny. They are not a proper medium to rant (if that’s all you do). Start a blog, rant there.)

    Why are you a broke ass artist… because you don’t do things that make money, you do what you feel, like many artists. Your goal is not to make money, your goal is to feel better. Based on the fact that you can’t go without your daily expression. *toot* No… not that kind… I’d say you’ve achieved it and let out the stress you desired to release.

    Change your goal, change your life.

    As for my contact info… -_-; I am entirely too antisocial to bother with the remainder of the human race. Good day.

    That said, I do, however, get a joyous ‘zing’ out of delivering bad news. Such as a general lack of contact information. FAIL!
    *smile* Ah, that’s my de-stresser, right there.

    • Joey
      November 12, 2019

      Ignoring the fact that you’re extremely rude, thinking comics should only be funny is absurd. I have doubt in your sense of humour any way.
      I love how she talks about how being bullied has been a huge motivator for her work, and here you are bullying her. I hope being a jerk was your goal, you did a great job.

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