New York City native, Lazymills is an artist, designer, comic artist and animator. Throughout her young career she has designed logos, graphics, concepts and has been a solo producer/onewoman production studio on two animated music videos for MC Frontalot, SYOR Rebel Youth Society LLC and JA RULE.

As a freelancer, she has done colors for Disney animation as part of her work with Titmouse Inc. in Hollywood, CA. Her works are featured in BlackComix and the Street Fighter Tribute book — both in stores nationwide. Her own book of art was published in 2012, titled N.A.P. She is currently a storyboard artist and she also live paints for special events and people. She is always working on her own properties, including comic books, pilots, music videos, teaser trailers and stories featuring her created characters.

One of Lazymills current projects and characters she is working on animating is Boom Tag. The story focuses on an underdog. He is a walking, breathing amplifier and many of the other characters are unique as well. The journey begins when he is tagged as “IT” for the city’s underground game of Tag. It’s a giant game of tag where rules changed…that’s all she will let out for now.

Her other creator owned story is Violator Union, which follows a union of criminals. Really bad types. She follows them as they do horrible things and face realizations either in spite or in openness. It will be fun, horrible and sad. Lazymills has been working on it for 6 years. “It’s an epic one that will most likely be ready only after I put a few of my other productions in the eyes of an audience.”;jsessionid=B816266088BCD397B65164105368ADD8

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