One of the things that was really cool about the 1970’s was the Kung Fu flicks that I used to watch on TV and in the theaters. I recently discovered a really cool martial arts based online comic series called Urban Shogun. The minute I saw this work, created by Mase, I knew it would be a great fit for the Aesthetic Grooves blog.

Urban Shogun: The Evolution of Combat. Kung Fu Action With A Hip Hop Twist

Follow the exciting adventures of students of an inner-city martial arts school and their Kung Fu Style wars on the streets of Atlanta. Specializing in updated forms of Five Animal Kung Fu, Tiger, Crane, Phoenix, Mantis and Cheetah protect the streets from criminals and their dangerous martial arts rivals – the Venom Clan!

Below is episode VI of Cobra Venom – Scorpion and Spider look for a new recruit in Misdirection.

To see episodes I-V please visit

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