Babatope Oyawusi (aka Bobby) is a brother I was introduced to by a friend. I spoke with Bobby and attended his art show which was presented by Apple Bottom Jeans in New York. I was pleasantly surprised by the work Bobby created and found myself captured by the messages coming from his series “Label Whores”. I am not one who is into “Labels” so I was able to appreciate this body of work.

Bobby is associated with Perfect Time Inc. Perfect Time Inc is a conduit of creativity across many art platforms including photography, graphic design, sculpture, music, film and overall visual interpretation of a vast array of artistic expression. Mastering the art of time management to in turn provide more opportunities to achieve greatness in their chosen medium of creativity. Perfect Time Inc. is the spark, the initial planting of ideas that inspire various creative outlets and/or individuals to put forth their best selves through their artistic expression.

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