I met Jabaar Borwn when I attended ECBACC earlier this year. We talked for a while and Jabaar was so energetic and passionate about his craft that I wanted to introduce him to our readers. I found his stories to be engaging and wanted to read more. I recommend you pick up a copy of one of his comics. It’s worth the read.

Artist Biography:

Underground Comixxx is the conception of Jabaar L. Brown. Born in Wilmington, Delaware in 1972, Jabaar has been drawing since the age of 4. Jabaar was diagnosed as a young child with epilepsy.  Back then there were stigmatism’s attached to the illness that caused Jabaar to spend more time in the house than most children, so he drew and drew….and drew some more. Since getting organized 2 years ago, Underground Comixxx has self published 4 comics.  After feeling out the comic business, Jabaar quickly picked up on a missing component in the industry, organization and solidarity among the independent artist.  He saw a need to compile artist and publish them in a Preview Book. 1 year ago the first UGC Revolution Magazine was created. Three issues later Revolution Magazine has featured 10 different artists and writers in an effort to cross promote other independents.

Artist Statement:

My comics are a combination of fantasy and cultural history deeply rooted with family values.  I find my self referencing history such as The Civil Rights Movement and The Black Panther Party.  By creating my comics I have a way to reproduce faces that look like my own with powers that are super human.  I typically use a #2 pencil and black fine point sharpie.  I create comics for 3 reasons, to teach, to inspire and to entertain.  If I can give someone a temporary escape then maybe they will gain the strength to find their own way.

Jabbar L.Brown



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