Bebe’s Kids is the first animated feature to feature an entirely Black main cast. The film is based upon comedian Robin Harris’ “Bébé’s Kids” stand-up comedy act. Bebe’s Kids is the second animated cartoon featuring Black characters to be based on a stand-up routine, following in the footsteps of Fat Albert, which was based upon Bill Cosby’s Buck Buck routine. Bebe’s Kids was released in 1992. The film was directed by Bruce W. Smith and produced by Reginald Hudlin.

Bebes Kids Album

The story begins with an animated version of Harris woefully recounting his troubles to a blind bartender. He traces his problems all the way back to Jamika, an attractive woman that he met at a funeral. Outside the premises, Robin approaches Jamika and asks her out. Jamika picks up her mild-mannered son, Leon, from the babysitter and invites Robin to come along with her to an amusement park named Fun World, to which Robin agrees. The next day, Jamika introduces Robin to the children of her friend Bébé: Kahlil, LaShawn, and Pee-Wee. The group travels to Fun World, but are confronted by security before they can enter and are warned that they are being watched. Upon entering the park, the kids are set loose and promptly wreak havoc.

Here is Robin’s stand up performance of Bebe’s Kids.

Robin Harris

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The Original Production Cels and Publicity Cel below are archived in the Museum Of UnCut Funk Collection.


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