I met these cats at the New York Comic Con. When I heard them talk about their love for Blaxploitation and how their character was based on the film genre, I knew I had to include them in Aesthetic Grooves.

AFROELLA is the new kick-ass Glyph Award nominated comic book series from writer Gemma Bedeau and artist Lee Fenton-Wilkinson. Together they form the dynamic duo that powers Kromatron Comics and AFROELLA. Taking inspiration from their love of all things 60’s sci-fi, rocket ships and giant monsters, and their appreciation of Blaxploitation and cheeky pop culture, AFROELLA offers a fresh take on the space opera genre.


Agent 36-24-36, codename AFROELLA, alongside with her sidekick and best friend D.I.V.A [Digital Interactive Virtual Assistant] travel the galaxy in the STARCRAFT FIERCE, righting wrongs, battling robots and mashing monsters.

Who is Kromatron Comics?

Having met through our work within film design (Gemma: Costume Design, Lee: Production Design), we fast became friends and have since worked together on a multitude of films, commercials and music videos.

Kromatron Comics at Bristol Comic Expo and London Super Comic Con.

Before embarking on a completed comic, we headed to Bristol International Comic Expo on our first official outing as Kromatron Comics. Armed with posters and concept art for several ideas, we presented what we had to the comic book fans. The response was overwhelmingly positive and spurred us on to pursue completing AFROELLA and so began the tricky bit…creating the comic!

Digital inks, colours and lettering stages.

After many months of development Afroella issue #1 was ready to launch at Leeds Thoughtbubble Festival, a fantastic convention in northern England.

You can learn more about AFROELLA and Kromatron Comics here:
Facebook Afroella: Kromatron Comics

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