Although I had a press pass and was on a mission to throughly cover this annual event, I took some time out to share the Comic Con experience with my sister. This was her first trip to Comic Con and we had a great time. It was a bit overwhelming for her and my feet, as after a couple of hours they felt like they couldn’t move another inch. But in the end it was truly worth it, as she enjoyed herself and spent as much money money as she could.

This year’s New York Comic Con was outstanding and even better than last year. I thought Friday would be less crowded because a number of people would be working…WHAT! Everybody and their mother must have taken the day off to attend. I truly enjoyed myself and tried to capture photos of attendees who created the most unique costumes. I also photographed some of the usual suspects like Darth Vader.

I ran into some fimiliar faces…like my new friend Alex Simmons. Alex is best known as the creator and writer of the acclaimed mini series BLACKJACK, which tells the story of a Black soldier of fortune who globe trots during the turbulent 1930s.

This year, more so than last, there was more emphasis placed on the new video games soon to be released. The level of gaming interaction was awesome. It was really cool watching attendees getting their game on. I stood in line for awhile to participate but ultimately decided it would serve me better to continue covering the event.


I made some cool connections with a lot of great talent. Afroella caught my eye and I was really impressed with this comic book character. As you may have guessed, this is straight out of the 1970’s blaxploitaion era…Right On!!!

If you haven’t attended a Comic Con you really should experience it. I get excited and continue to be amazed at the bold and brave attendees who dress up as their favorite super heroes.

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