I had a conversation with Raymond Ayala and I was really impressed with his passion for his craft. I explained to him that I am a comic book fan and I collect them for archival purposes to ensure that 70’s Black superheroes and characters are not forgotten.

As we continued to talk, Raymond shared his vision for his work. He also talked about the lack of Latino representation in mainstream comics books, comic art and the graphic art world.

I offered that The Museum Of UnCut Funk is reaching out to the Latino comic art community to provide our Aesthetic Grooves blog as a platform to share their work. I’m  extremely happy that Raymond Ayala decided to use the Museum of UnCut Funk as a resource to help get the word out about his art, his passion and his kickstarter campaign.

Please support his work. Thank you Raymond!


I’m a relentless creative, a husband and father, who has been making comics part-time since 2011. My family and I live in a beach town off NYC.  It’s my hometown and I love it. My background is corporate, so lots of pure grey analytics, and in 2011, my wife and I decided it would be cool to share some of my stories with the world.  Now I can’t imagine a life without the expression of storytelling and art.



Imagination and cultural relevance are the pillars that I hope hold up everything I do. What separates my stories from most in the mainstream is that my imagination always has heroes of color in the mix, many of the stories start from that perspective. I come from a diverse community, I have a mixed family, I live this life, it is who I am. So as a creator, it’s how I think, it’s not real to me, if it doesn’t include elements that are important to me. For my work, I hold a belief that together with fans and other creators; we can build something great from the ground up that reflects the world we live in.


In 2012 I was able to launch a family sci-fi story called, H.O.P.E.: Tales of the Nuclear Family. The story is a high-energy adventure featuring a loving family surviving together in an unforgiving wasteland. The comic was fun, family friendly and well received.

In 2013, I am all in, with Urban Myth, a superhero story that puts a modern spin on classic mythology. Urban Myth is an entire world loaded with cool concepts and characters that are fresh, relevant, and creative. I’m not waiting for the industry, I am working with an outstanding group of artists who are really behind this project. I’m convinced that together we can make this a very important project. Urban Myth starts with more leading heroes of color than over 50 years of MARVEL or DC. That’s saying a lot, but it’s true.

I have shared Urban Myth on Kickstarter.com. I am hoping the community feels the projects and supports.

Those interested in backing the project can do so @ http://kck.st/Rm3A0M


Urban Myth: http://kck.st/Rm3A0M

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/PlanetRandom

Website: http://planetrandom.net/

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