The Museum Of UnCut Funk welcomes Anthony Bourne to our Aesthetic Grooves family. Please check out and support his work.

Artist statement:

My art and stories come from several sources in my life. The series Gen-eg where the main characters are genetically created soldiers that face racism from their own government. It’s indirectly based on events my father, and three uncles faced while they served in the US military in the 1950’s. Other stories I’ve created are inspired by friends I made back in the NYHC/punk scene in NYC. The Fed book started in response to the conspiracy folks who believe 9/11 attacks were fake or government sponsored. That was a completely fun book to make and continues the “Men in black” vibe. I love traditional comics, and superheroes, but that’s not what I love to draw. My characters are flawed, and grey who fight desperate battles with themselves and events they cannot control.


Anthony Bourne trained to be a comic book artist in NYC where he was born. He has had several various careers; manager, artist, bouncer, and US Army Captain just to name a few. His first love has always been comics, sci-fi, and graphic novels. He currently lives in New Jersey and enjoys way too many hobbies.

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