I saw Kevin’s work at New York Comic Con this year and really dug his celebrity caricatures, especially Nichelle Nichols aka Lt.Uhura. I was later contacted by another artist who told me to take a look at Kevin’s art. Kevin I like your creativity and I appreciate your patience. Please keep us updated on your projects…Sista ToFunky!

Artist Statement

My love for science fiction and drawing caricatures have led me to combine the two into my book Heroes and Villains, which features my art of television and movies sci-fi characters. I’ve always been a tremendous fan of genre stories, including books and comics. I am also an avid cartoonist and I am currently doing “covers” for my black super-hero Urban Legend. The comic itself will probably never be done but I am enjoying doing the covers and plan to draw quite a few of them, showcasing the tongue in cheek nature of the idea.


Kevin Greene was born and raised in Brooklyn and attended the High School of Art and Design and The School of Visual Arts, both in Manhattan. For the last twenty years he has worked as a graphic artist in the apparel industry while also doing freelance illustration for magazines and logo designs and cartooning for various clients. He currently lives in New Jersey with his wife and son.



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