The Dorothy Height Commemorative Bronze Medal has been added to the Museum Of UnCut Funk Coin and Medal Collection.

In recognition of Dr. Dorothy Height for a lifetime of work advancing civil rights, this medal is a bronze replica of the Congressional Gold Medal presented to her at a ceremony at the United States Capitol building on March 24, 2004. The medal commemorates Dr. Dorothy Height for her contribution “as one of the preeminent social and civil rights activists of her time, particularly in the struggle for equality, social justice, and human rights for all people.”

Dorothy Height was the first Black woman awarded a Presidential Citizens Medal. Height was also awarded a Presidential Medal of Freedom. These medals along with the Congressional Gold Medal are the highest civilian honors that can be bestowed by the US Government. Height is the only Black woman to be awarded all three prestigious civilian medals. Height was also honored on a United States postage stamp.

Dorothy Height was an honored guest at the inauguration of President Barack Obama. President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama attended her funeral. President Obama delivered her eulogy.

Dr Dorothy Height Bronze Medal Front

The obverse design features a portrait of Dr. Dorothy I. Height. Inscriptions include “DOROTHY I. HEIGHT” toward the bottom and “ACT OF CONGRESS 2003” to the right of the portrait. The obverse design features the sculptor-engraver’s initials, “DW” (Donna Weaver) on the lower left side.

Dr Dorothy Height Bronze Medal Back

The reverse design features an image of the Dorothy I. Height Building at 633 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, Washington, DC, in the forefront, and the west front of the United States Capitol nearby in the background. Featured beneath the Capitol are the sculptor-engraver’s initials “JM” (John Mercanti). Inscribed is a quote by Dr. Height stating, “We Black Women seldom do just what we want to do, but always do what we have to do. I am grateful to have been in a time and place where I could be a part of what was needed.” The inscription “Dorothy I. Height” follows the quote.

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Source: US Mint

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