I’m a big Quentin Tarantino fan and have been for years. Why? Because he loves Blaxploitation, he gets it and like the Museum Of UnCut Funk he pays homage to it…through his films. I saw Django Unchained and I loved it. It was a funny, brutal love story that happened to have slavery as a back drop. I haven’t seen the original but I plan to.

Here is some information on the new comic book based on the film.

Drawn by R.M. Guera, the story is adapted from Quentin’s original screenplay by Reginald Hudlin producer of the film version of “Django.” Reginald translated the script into the visual medium and restoring many scenes that were cut from the movie.

This is and excerpt from an online article from Wired.

The comic is an incredibly faithful adaptation of Tarantino’s movie script – the first issue is the first few scenes of the film, almost line for line. Drawing on the director’s story, the book’s interior art comes from Guéra, who made characters that hew closely to their actor counterparts but are their own characters entirely. The artist’s Django, the slave that becomes a bounty hunter, has a more steely cowboy vibe than smooth, cool Jamie Foxx; ruthless plantation owner Calvin Candie looks even more maniacal than Leonardo DiCaprio; and Candie’s house slave Stephen looks far more jowly and grizzled on the page than Samuel L. Jackson does on screen.

This comic book is be archived in the Museum of UnCut Funk collection.

Source: Wired.com

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