In celebration of the 150th Anniversary of the Emancipation Proclamation, the Museum Of UnCut Funk sourced a copy of an old Abraham Lincoln / Civil War Comic Book. Would we do it any other way. Hell No!!!

The comic is EC’s Frontline Combat 9 from Nov/Dec 1952. It’s a Civil War issue and the first story is a reminder that a war was fought in this country over the issue of slavery. Titled “Abe Lincoln!”, key events in the life of Lincoln leading up to the outbreak of war are narrated by an old country man sitting in his chair by the fire in his Charleston, South Carolina home. As the tale unfolds we see our narrator only from behind, or the lower part of his body, but never his face until the last page. He speaks in what is identifiable as a Southern drawl, which leads us to believe he could be Black.

The last three panels show the narrator getting up from his chair and coming out of his front door, but only at the very end does the light reveal his face and we see that he is an elderly Black man.

Written by Harvey Kurtman and art by Jack Davis…you be the judge!

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