Daddy Cool Graphic Novel – Chapter 1

Daddy Cool Graphic Novel – Chapter 1

I have always been a fan of black and white comic art. When I first saw the Daddy Cool graphic novel I read it right away and I spent a lot of time studying the black and white art on each page. For me, there is nothing like a graphic novel or a comic book drawn in black and white. It’s classic…almost like a black and white photograph.

Daddy Cool, one of 16 novels written by Donald Goines, was originally published in 1974, the year of  his death. It was reprinted several years ago by Old School Books. The graphic novel version of Daddy Cool was published in 1984 by Holloway House, adapted by the prolific writer Don Glut and wonderfully rendered by the late Alfredo Alcala.

The Museum Of UnCut Funk is happy to present chapter one of Daddy Cool for your reading pleasure.

To read more of Daddy Cool the graphic novel check Google Books.

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