The Museum Of UnCut Funk is pleased to add D’Andhra Bascomb to the Aesthetic Grooves family.

Mission Statement

To introduce DISTINCT visual design using many mediums, surfaces and platforms. To collaborate with artists around the world to create unique, one of a kind compositions. Contribute. Grow. Supply the DEMAND.

“A southern California native and emerging artist, DE’BA Designs shows a talent for working in vector graphics, watercolors and mixed media to express creative visions of figures and abstracted surreal portraits telling stores with varied emotion. Current projects include inspiring collaborations with masterful execution.”

Norbertellen Gallery

“D’Andhra’s artwork is bold and full of sharp colors and shapes.  She fuses many elements together, combining the power of natural forces with the identifying familiarity of the human body. ”

Saturation Art

It is ace designer, Illustrator Rally contributor, and all round talent machine D’Andhra Bascomb. Slick fresh and totally on trend D’Andhra has a way of adding that little bit of extra class to the crowded world of T-shirt design with smooth clean lines and precise layered compositions. The best thing about D’Andhra’s work is that it seems in a state of constant flux, moving and flowing out at the viewer and it’s this digital dynamism that makes these slick commercial designs possible. D’Andhra seems to just know how to fit all the elements together and makes cool look easy, though the clever touches and dramatic well chosen palette certainly show there is real substance behind the design. Its a hard place to get noticed but D’Andhra has a spark especially strong when working with portraits and faces. She has a fantastic presentation and uses colour eloquently to pick out her subjects, which have a believability and depth that makes her pretty much unique in the field of vector art. Get noticed and believe the hype it’s D’Andhra!

Illustration Rally

D’Andhra’s artwork is bold and full of sharp colors and shapes.  She fuses many elements together, combining the power of natural forces with the identifying familiarity of the human body.

Saturation Art
“D’Andhra Bascomb (also known as DE’BA Designs) a digital illustrator that deals mainly with vector work with watercolor accents. check out her site! There’s dope dope work there! Any artist out there that need some work done or any one that just likes art, if you like what you see, connect w/ D’Andhra now!”

Lesa J. for

Creation is an irresistible passion and normal thing to do and be.”- DE’BA Designs

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