I did a post on the Golden Legacy series about a year ago where I featured the author Bertram Fitzgerald. All 16 titles is the series were represented but I did not show any pages from the inside of these books. I have now added a few pages below.

I am revisiting the Golden Legacy series during Black History Month to stress the significant value of these books as a teaching tool. Golden Legacy is not just a comic book series, it is a groundbreaking educational publication that provided a new approach to the study of Black history when it was created in the 1960’s and 1970’s. It is still highly relevant and just as groundbreaking today.

The Museum Of UnCut Funk has two sets of Golden Legacy in our collection. To read more about Bertram Fitzgerald the creator of Golden Legacy please visit our previous post: https://museumofuncutfunk.com/2009/05/27/bertram-fitzgerald/

For more information on how to purchase Golden Legacy books please visit: http://www.golden-legacy.com/

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  • May 13, 2013

    Excellent & very well done series, and STILL very necessary today more than ever.

    Not just for young readers of African-American decent, but, for ALL young readers, (,.. and perhaps, many older ones also).

    I would buy copies of these back in the day whenever & where ever I could.They were always informative, inspiring & entertaining as well.
    It is my sincere hope to one day do my own series of contemporary educational artistic sequential comics featuring many past & relevant African-American figures to respectfully continue the tradition for a new generation of potential readers.

    It’s certainly a well worthy endeavor!

    Thank you for posting this story, and the link as well!

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