Keep It Real but Make It Funky!!!  The Museum Of UnCut Funk welcomes Stephane Metayer (Stef-On Muh-Tay-Yur) to our Aesthetic Grooves blog.

I was born in Jamaica, Queens and raised in Silver Spring, Maryland. As a kid I always dreamed of making cartoons for a living. However, I always felt that there weren’t enough cartoons out there that were diverse. Which is when I decided to make my very own cartoon. It wasn’t until I listened to Nas’ “Illmatic” that I was truly inspired to create “Tephlon Funk”. I hope to someday make this into an animated series and be able to share this story.

Stephane Meyer

I believe that when someone is blessed with the ability to express themselves through art, that it is our job as artists to share this gift.

To get more info on Stephane Metayer Tephlon Funk! check out:
Twitter: @tephlonfunk
Instagram: tephlonfunk

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