Bishop The Eastside Nappyhead and Sista ToFunky have been friends for four years. We share the same passion for individual creative expression and he is a very grounded brother who is focused on his people, history and his art. Check out Negros Americanos and see what they have in store.

Negros Americanos is a bilingual hip hop duo comprised of Bishop The Eastside Nappyhead and mc enigma hailing from NJ and formed after a year of living in the Central American jungles of Panama. We moved to Panama with the intent of learning spanish and being the first black hip hop artists from the states to make original songs in spanish. We lived in very decrepit situations in Panama…even living in a roofless decaying mold infested project building for 10 months with my witchcraft practicing 43 year old x girlfriend. I actually filmed a video living in those projects, which was our first song in spanish and became our most popular song to this day Negros Americanos-Soy Tu Dueño (I own you).

These two emcee/songwriters are dedicated to raising the bar in music, and experimenting with international blends and exploring topics often overlooked or taboo in hop hop.  The aim of each Negros Americanos presentation is to Entertain Educate and Empower. As artists, Negros Americanos provides an engaging experience live and on record, delivers message driven music which empowers and inspires. Even with a song like Rakatakas Necesitan Amor tambien (hood rats need love too) which seems to be ignorant, there is an underlying message about violence against women and love between two very different individuals. In the video Bishop The Eastside Nappyhead (Gato Solo) as he is called affectionately in Latin America attempts to win over the heart of this woman, hardened by a routine of abuse and mistreatment-but he has to first get passed her very controlling man.

This is the first complete video done in spanish and has the english translation…thank you again for considering posting us on your blog and we will promote it through our social network…

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