I had the pleasure of meeting Soyinka at this year’s ECBACC event and I invited her to join our Aesthetic Grooves family. I hope you enjoy reading about Soyinka and support her work.


Soyinka I. Ogunbusola is the author of fiction and non-fiction titles such as “Beyond Deceptions Myths and Lies” hailed as culturally up-lifting, while “Ancestral Memories” was considered the voice of the ancestors in a poetic art form telling their stories from the world of spirits. “Cosmic Beginnings”, one of her first fictional novels was the beginning of a new genre Cultural-Sy, a combining of African legends, myths, and history filled with speculative elements. Cosmic Beginnings Trilogy Spirit walk, A War In Heaven and Fire And Water are the beginnings of the Cultural-Sy genre. Another addition to the Cultural-Sy genre is “To Resurrect and Avenge”, a five volume series taking place in Louisiana consisting of Slave folklore combined with a modern day crime drama inside an paranormal atmosphere.

Cosmic Beginnings Vol 1

Cosmic Beginnings Vol 1

Soyinka I. Ogunbusola is presently a resident of Philadelphia, Pa. and a 23 year police veteran.  Having enlisted in the military in the mid-seventies she has traveled throughout the world experiencing numerous cultures in Austria, France, Italy, Germany and Iceland. Upon intensive research in African and Caribbean culture, folk lore, and spiritual systems she has traveled to Oyotunji village where she had the opportunity to meet the late Oba Ofuntola Oseijeman Adebula Adefumi the first.  It was later that she was to be initiated into the priestly order of Egungun, an ancient African ancestral secret society.  Since then she has traveled through West Africa continuing extensive research within the African spiritual systems, performing libations ceremonies in Cape coast, and the Elima slave dungeons in Ghana, Gorey Island, in Senegal and James Island.  While in Gambia, she met with the spiritual leaders and chiefs of the country. In Togo, she participated in the rituals of the Fon people.  It was there in West Africa where her most treasured teachings were obtained. The interaction and experiences of such valuable information acquired in her travels reflect through her writings.

Here is the trailer to her book To Resurrect & Avenge:

You can read more about and purchase Soyinka’s work at her website: http://www.wix.com/soyinkaiyabo/CHAOSCHRONICALS

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  • Michael Ferguson
    August 20, 2013

    Wow Soyinka, you’ve been a lot of places dear and I can only imagine the sights you have seen and the thing you have done. But god has blessed you with a great gift to write. And about the comics, did you ever hear of a superhero by the name of ” HERO FOR HIRE “? I remember seeing it in the mid- 70’s.

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