Presenting the Gullah Sci-Fi Mysteries by Dawolu Jabari Anderson.

Dawolu Jabari Anderson

Dawolu Jabari Anderson


Born 1973 in Houston, Texas, USA, Dawolu Jabari Anderson attended Texas Southern University and The University of Houston and has exhibited his work at the Project Row Houses, the Contemporary Arts Museum Houston, Blaffer Gallery, the University Museum at Texas Southern and presented his first solo exhibition at the Art League Houston in 2005. He has participated in the 2006 Whitney Biennial: Day for Night, and was also a resident at the prestigious Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture. Jabari participated in a traveling exhibition in Palazzo Delle Papesse Centro Arte Contemporanea in Siena, Italy, was a finalist for the 2007 Arthouse Texas Prize, and twice had his “Bailout” political cartoon featured in Fine Arts Leisure for the New York Times.


The Avenging Uncle Remus

Uncle Remus is a loyal kind hearted, knee bending, hat wringing, gaze droppin’ old Negro slave with ‘pleasant memories of the discipline of slavery.’ He tells variant African and West Indian Anansi stories to other plantation Negro slaves, both young and old. In those days, it was more profitable to work slaves to death rather than expend rations on obsolete elderly slaves unfit for arduous plantation work. Knowing that he has imposed on ‘Massa’s’ kindness, Uncle Remus atones for his uselessness by entertaining the white children and keeping up the moral of younger working slaves with his didactic folk-lore.

Uncle Remus: “Jus mak’n sho’ they ain’t sass’n ‘round cutt’n up cappers somewhere’s dey ain’t got no bi’ness being.”

One evening, on his return from a taxing journey to deliver a slave child to a neighboring plantation, he retires to his quarters and falls into a deep depressive sleep. That night, the blackest of nights, unaware of his uninvited guest from Saturn named Emereciana, he becomes endowed with her cosmic essence. She placed on his finger a ring fashioned with Saturn technology that not only enhances his body with fantastic capabilities, but also awakens a dormant ancestral gene, creating an alter ego surfacing from beneath a suppressed consciousness. Creating “a Twoness. Two souls, two thoughts, two unreconciled strivings; two warring ideals in one dark body, whose dogged strength alone keeps it from being torn asunder.” The “Saturn Ring” or “Ring of Saturn” awakens that other self and empowers it to take over his surface conscious.

Uncle Remus: “Out my way Mam-E, I ain’t done liberat’n yet!”

Uncle Remus has the ability to manipulate reality in a person’s mind. It extends to any person in range capable of hearing his hypnotic folklore. The victim becomes trapped in an alternate reality, “in a time dats neider chere no’ deah.” Uncle Remus also possesses great strength and enhanced agility and endurance.

His Tar-Baby is used along with his psychic powers to create the illusion of his victim being engulfed in large volumes of ever expanding tar. The victim believing they are unable to pry themselves free of the imaginary black ooze, surrenders to their hopeless peril.

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