Liken to my PSA blogs, “Evergreen Funky Clips,” will be videos regarding aspects of society that are Funked Up.  Best case scenario, a new day will dawn, however considering we have to address these issues…  Unfortunately despite the realization, while some issues will ideally cease to exist, little to nothing will be done about most of these atrocities.

Why?  It’s the way it is – the late George Carlin sums it up to a degree here…  followed by stats on economic inequality and words from President Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Morgan Freeman.  While these appreciated and truthful speeches are heartfelt, it’s a matter of actual changes occurring, to rectify matters.

From the CNN Money page…–white-animation.cnnmoney/

From, Morgan Freeman does Entertainment Weekly’s Sirius Radio show…

“Meet The Press” episode that aired 05/03/15, discusses riots in Baltimore (“Urban” cities) and economic inequality since 1965, that’s worsened since (below).  It’s very intentionally structured and implemented, those that report these facts to us – the deliverers of these messages, know this is old news and why.

peace love and truth


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