Saw a story on Atlanta Blackstar’s website about black film directors.  A good overview of these mavericks, I wanted to share and archive it, here in the Funkalicious blog…


This article neglected to mention one that I would have added to the list.  A female that’s done some incredible work that certainly deserves recognition is Kasi Lemmons.  Her notable works include: “Black Nativity”, “The Caveman’s Valentine”, “Eve’s Bayou”, and “Talk To Me.”  Lemmons entered the world of film as an actress, and has appeared in the films “The Silence of the Lambs”, “Candyman”, and “Gridlock’d”, to name a few.  She’s also married to fellow thespian Vondie Curtis-Hall.

Here’s the trailer for Rick Famuyiwa’s “Dope” and F. Gary Gray’s “Straight Outta Compton”, which are the next two films scheduled for theaters, mentioned in the article.

Honorable mentions to Lee Daniels, Tyler Perry and one I imagine we’ll see a lot more of based on her success with “Selma,” Ana DuVernay.  Other related blogs…

for the love of ‘Dope’ flicks and the continued success of black directors



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