As I was prepping the blog that will follow this one, it occurred to me that I had yet to create this list.  Although I’ve done items on a few of them, as this outlet and website continues to grow, I wanted to pay homage to those that have shaped, inspired and influenced my view and love for film.

It would take me far too long to break down the semiotics as to why each of them are special and note all of their credits.  Essentially these folks are favorites because I believe they’ve mastered depicting various aspects of the human condition through dynamics of realism, drama, action, mystery, suspense, comedy and fantasy.


Ossie Davis — Alfred Hitchcock — Gordon Parks — Melvin Van Peeples.  I could be artsy and list Oscar Micheaux, but the reality is I’ve only seen portions of “Birth of A Nation” and only heard of his other works “The Homesteader” (1919), “Within Our Gates” (1920), “Body and Soul” (1925)  recently, via this brilliant blog:

Ossie Davis & Melvin Van Peeples/ Pioneers


Stanley Kubrick — Martin Scorsese — Spike Lee — Oliver Stone

Spike & Stone

The aforementioned eight men are definitely stand-outs for me due to their pioneering spirit, tales of truth and innovative ways of using the camera to tell their stories.  It’s not that those to follow don’t do that, however, there are particular subjects that they have addressed that made an impact at different points in this novice filmmaker and writers life.


Kasi Lemmons — Mira Nair — Kathryn Begelow — Oprah Winfrey

Oprah & Kasi L

Sofia Coppola — Francis Ford Coppola — Steve McQueen — Alejandro González Iñárritu — Terry Gilliam — Steven Spielberg — Milos Foreman — F. Gary Gray — Bill Duke — Guy Ritchie — Eddie Murphy — Brian DePalma — Rod Serling — Danny Boyle — Phillip K. Dick — David Lynch — Wes Anderson — Quentin Tarantino — The Hughes Brothers — The Coen Brothers — George Clooney — Luc Besson — Paul Thomas Anderson — Tim Burton — Denzel Washington — Darren Aronofsky — Charlie Kaufman — Spike Jonze — Antoine Fuqua — Stephen King — George Lucas & Lee Daniels

Sofia CoppolaFrancis Ford CoppolaSteve McQueenAlejandroTerry GilliamSteven SpielbergMilos ForemanF. Gary GrayBill DukeGuy RitchieEddie MurphyBrian DePalmaRod SerlingDanny BoylePhillip K. DickDavid LynchWes AndersonQuentin TarantinoThe Hughes Brothers - AllenThe Hughes Brothers - AlbertThe Coen Brothers - JoelThe Coen Brothers - EthanGeorge ClooneyLuc BessonP.T. AndersonTim BurtonDavid FincherDarren AronofskyCharlie KaufmanSpike JonzeAntoine FuquaStephen KingGeorge Lucaslee






























































































 – source for photos – for c-dub on imdb

In depth items on filmmakers featured:

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Mira Nair —

Steve McQueen —

Bill Duke —

The Hughes Brothers —

The Coen Brothers —

Brian DePalma —

P.K. Dick —

Quentin Tarantino —

Danny Boyle —

Luc Besson —

Spike Lee & Spike Jonze —

Stephen King —

George Lucas —

Lee Daniels & Oprah Winfrey —

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