The Museum Of UnCut Funk was recently interviewed by Charles Morgan, Editor at about our museum, our commemorative coin, medal and medallion collection and other funky topics.

Here is the description of the podcast:

In this episode of the CoinWeek Podcast, Charles Morgan talks with Pamela and Loreen about coins, the importance of African-American representation on money, the forthcoming Harriet Tubman Federal Reserve Note, the 2017 American Liberty High Relief gold coin, and who the two would like to see honored on a future coin or medal.

It’s an interesting and lively discussion that illustrates the vitality of numismatics in American life and how we are living in historic times.

You can listen to the podcast below:

The Curators of the Museum Of UnCut Funk held a lecture with Dr. Christopher Lehman, author of The Colored Cartoon, about the racist legacy of pre-1970’s Black cartoon characters and the barrier breaking significance of the 1970’s Black cartoon characters. You can view the lecture below.

You can check out the entire write up on the podcast at the website at:

You can learn more about the Museum Of UnCut Funk Coin, Medal and Medallion Collection here.

You can read the three part series on African Americans On U.S. Coins written by Charles Morgan and posted on our website at the following links:

African Americans On U.S. Coins Part 1: Representation & Discovery

African Americans On U.S. Coins Part 2: Modern Commemoratives and Circulation Strikes

African Americans On U.S. Coins Part 3: Hidden in Plain Sight & Designs Considered


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