My initial idea for this piece was to describe those in its title. I became part of a stream that featured them instead, enabling us to read their thoughts, as they scribed their ideas and beliefs themselves. From a friend’s Facebook page who realized she’s going to have to re-evaluate some friends…

She posted: “I’m struggling with wording this the way I intend it to come across. It’s so painful for me to see, hear and read of so many of my friends who are angered, emotional and scared with the outcome of the election. Myself being among those. While I have friends that supported the winning candidate, I don’t believe in severing ties because we have different views. I’m not wired that way. We all have voices, choices and the freedom to vote the way we’d like. What I’d like help with, is understanding what the draw is to Trump, if it does not stem from a place of hate or phobia. And for those that are on the train, (and didn’t vote what they felt were the lesser of two evils) what is there that outweighs the negative? I sincerely ask this with no trace of sarcasm. I am hopeful for a civil and respectful discussion, not another platform for spewing venom. If it gets out of hand I’ll simply delete. If we can’t talk about our differences, how can we come together?”

In a world where Donald J. Trump has been declared the President of the United States, I wanted to benchmark this era, by using an actual post of delusional, derailed and intellectual people about our new circumstances. Often people will say they voted for Trump because of A – B or C, when in the end a vote for Trump was a vote against morality, simply because of all the things he said and did, on the campaign trail alone. His bullshit promises did not outweigh his shitty behavior, not just while campaigning, but throughout his entire life. Here’s how Russian influence affected the American electoral process – UPDATE 9/15/17…

The majority of Americans that voted for him made a choice to put a bullying, chauvinistic, self-serving bigot in charge of our country, because after eight years of a black man in office, the last thing racists rednecks and dumb negros want is a liberal thinking intellectual white “Ni**er-loving” woman. They’re trying to normalize this bastard – I’m not having it…  “Flava vision ain’t blurry… Don’t Believe the Hype.” Privileged voted for him because they’re too pompous to realize they’re among the delusional that believe he gives a shit about them. “It’s a great platform for our family,” said Trump’s son “Rich,” and that’s all it will be. The billions of dollars that Trump lies about having will be afforded to him by the time he’s out of the White House. Trump is a wannabe wise guy from Queens. His pop afforded him not to be, any cat within a 20 year life-span + or -, from Brooklyn or the Bronx can see this. Guys like me from Jersey definitely know, we’ve seen them all our lives, and I’ve worked with him on top – so…

My friend’s dilemma was the now new state of things, when the “45th” won the election and her shock and awe as to how many people she believed she knew, supported our now P.O.T.U.S. Today is March 30th, three months in with DJT in office, and I wondered if the attitude of any T.H.O.T. expressed below has changed. Here’s some of the language that ensued over the course of five days, after the 2016 Presidential results, following my friend’s opening statement…

Friend: “I love you honey, but there’s no way that this is not going to devolve into a big bucket of venom.”

MY Friend: “I know it’s miserably unlikely” –  “But I do like to have more faith in my friends than that.”

Another Friend: “There is nothing wrong with trying to have a conversation My Friend. Glad you are trying.”

MY Friend: “Thank You”

and Another Friend (also a friend of mine): “I commend you for trying to understand. I would very much like to hear from a white woman on why she chose to vote for Trump and if/how they made peace with how he treats women and minorities and gay people.”

Another Friend’s Comment: “SXXXa my main concern is terrorism healthcare I couldn’t care if he called women pigs all day it doesn’t affect my daily life. Have plenty of gay friends and once again terrorism is at the top of my list because if you can’t go. Went to a train or to ..”

Friend SXXXs Reply: “Thanks for your response, MXXXa.”

Yet Another Friend: “Thanks for asking this. I am not a Trump supporter, and am left with the same questions as you. Curious to read any responses.”

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And Another Friend: ” I have the same questions.”

Even Yet Another Friend: “I’ve been wondering the exact same thing. Thank you for posting this, My Friend.”

And One More Friend: “I have the same questions too.”

It Only Took About 30 Minutes for the Misguided to Chime in…

JXXXs:  Thanks for asking this. I am not a Trump supporter, and am left with the same questions as you. Curious to read any responses.

DXXXe:  I have the same questions 🙁

DXXXt:  I’ve been wondering the exact same thing. Thank you for posting this, My Friend.

JXXXy Packer:  I have the same questions too

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CXXXd:  Reasons why I voted for Trump we’re mostly on an economic level. Obamacare and over taxation was a major reason. Obama took away my insurance and since my wife and I are self employed made it very hard for us. I also voted because he was not a po…See More

Like · Reply · 6 ·  November,  10 at 10:49am

LXXXe:  Can I ask how Obama care took away your insurance?

Unlike · Reply · 3 ·  November,  10 at 10:55am

CXXXd:  Yes. I had great insurance and a zero deductible. Obamacare was enacted and a letter was sent to me saying my current policy was cancelled due to it not covering pediatric dentistry. Irony is my wife is a dentist. So my monthly cost rose my deduc…See More

LXXXe:  Who initially issued your original policy? Was it your employer or was it a private/self-purchased policy? Who issued the statement? I’m asking because I had to do a lot of research into Obamacare, and this seems unusual.

Like · Reply · 1 ·  November, 10 at 11:07am

CXXXi: Same thing happened to us. We were pissed. But when we shopped around we found a better plan with lower monthly and deductible. I’m sorry that didn’t happen for you.

Like · Reply · 1 ·  November, 10 at 11:07am

CXXXd:  My wife and I are both self employed. Blue cross blue shield are my insurance provider. Don’t qualify for subsidy and don’t want it. I just want my old insurance back. Not to mention it was sold to the public based on a lie.

Like · Reply · 1 ·  November, 10 at 11:11am

LXXXe:  Well, without getting into an argument, what is now considered Obamacare is not what was pitched to Congress. It is the result of a compromise between Obama and a Republican Congress. The “subsidy” is actually just an estimation of an individual’s tax…See More

CXXXd:  Obamacare was forced down the throats of people who we’re happy with their policies. Not one house republican voted for it. Obama had both chambers so he could get it passed so yes obamacare is Obama’s fault.

LXXXe:  I’m not trying to be a dick I just spent so much time researching and covering it. You can Wikipedia for the gist, but what is now Obamacare & what happened to you is because of lobbyists and Congress. I think it’s important to understand the situation…See More

TXXXs:  Thank you LXXXa. I also am self Employed and buy “Obamacare” If only the republicans didn’t change what he wanted to do in the first place it would have worked much quicker for everyone in my opinion. Shame everyone didn’t do their research on who was screwing them before they voted on this issue.

CXXXd:  Remember you have to pass the bill before you read it lol

RXXXn:  Love that you asked this as a beautiful, strong, empathetic woman. I feel the same. ❤

Unlike · Reply · 4 ·  November , 10 at 10:49am

AXXXo:  I’m a political outsider, so I’m just sharing my observations. Having lived in the suburbs of New York City my whole life, we see and embrace diversity, and even in economic downturns, we don’t see the devastation that the “rust belt” has seen. People in the Midwest (all the red states on the map) in blue collar jobs who make just enough money to get by, but too much to get government assistance have gotten “fed up” with Washington and politicians in general. They also, I think somewhat misguidedly, believe their situation is the result of immigration and free trade, two things Trump vowed to change. In the end we all want better lives for ourselves and our families, and they felt that he is the one to help them get there. I’m pretty sure it was Reagan who asked in one of his campaign speeches, “Are you better off now than you were four years ago?” These people have seen 8 years of Democrat Presidency, and their life has not gotten better. They are looking for a new, albeit uncertain direction. While there are bigots who supported him, I need to believe that the majority of his voters did so because they truly think he will improve their lives.

Like · Reply · 12 ·  November,  10 at 10:52am · Edited

MXXXo:  I’ll bite lol . This is why I voted for Trump. First of all I believe Hillary is a criminal when I say criminal I mean I believe her foundation takes millions for pay to play for government favors. I believe all the wikilinks emails so I also believe she is paid off people from the FBI and in all realms of government or threaten them to be above the law I’ve never seen somebody under investigation with the FBI that was so cocky enough to stand there and say I did nothing wrong it’s fine nothings going to happen to me! When meanwhile we have cases of people that just had private servers that were working in the government that got up to a year in jail just for that! 
I believe all government is a little corrupt but this corrupt is outrageous. It makes me feel as an American that if she became president she would take contributions from places like Iran Iraq Saudi Arabia for her own benefit and not to what was good for this country or for any Americans. 
I believe her tax on the super rich would have never happened ever because those corporations are the ones that pay Bill Clinton and Hillary 200 and $300,000 to speak for an hour therefore I believe she was lying because if she texted those corporations the way she said she wanted to they would stop paying her those big dollars and it went against what she has done in Government for years I believe she was in government for 30+ years and I honestly have not seen her do a thing to help the American people the middle class anybody except yourself now they’re millionaires supposedly she was broke when she got out of office of the presidency. I ask myself how did that happen so quickly we all are paying bill the bill but she was able to become a millionaire within a few years!? Hence you get my point I think she’s corrupt as hell. 
With that said I do not believe Trump is a racist . I believe this country originally became a melting pot and we wanted immigrants to build this country to have artists and builders and everything we needed back in the early 1900s to make this country a wonderful big melting pot full of people that contributed. In 2016 I no longer believe that we need any more immigrants when our own Americans don’t have jobs and kids getting out of college can’t find a job I believe we have enough people and wear a big enough melting pot with the immigrants that we have here now I do not believe anybody from a terrorist country should be able to come into this country right now whether that’s Muslim Jewish Christian I don’t care what your religion is! 1914099_1291550997529223_4901614458076762095_n
I believe our trade deals are outrageous we get paid for nothing but meanwhile when somethings imported from these countries we have to pay them but when they receive something from America they don’t have to pay us I also believe that nothing is made in America anymore it’s made in China Taiwan because big corporations don’t want to open up here with all the regulations nd high taxes. I believe that our schools hospitals or infrastructure of America especially in New York is falling apart! I’m sure you’ve traveled around America before and you’ve seen other hospitals other schools other homes that are available to buy their new they’re nice especially here in New York everything is falling down around us, are airports you’re disgrace I’ve been all over the world and honestly there that of a Third World country! I feel like the taxes I pay I couldn’t tell you where they go except in somebody’s pocket the roads have pot holes all over them the infrastructure like I said is falling down where is all this money go too!? That Iran deal was the craziest thing I’ve ever heard of in my entire life!!! Why we would give a country that so erratic so much money who lies and isn’t going to do what’s in the deal anyway I’m going to take the money the terrorist weapons and to build a nuclear bombs I have no idea absolutely no idea… I believe America is a great country but were a joke to other nations! I know people overseas at war and asked for absentee ballot to vote prior to the election they were never sent over there, sad. Our vets are treated absolutely horribly the VA & the hospitals are useless, my private health care premium went up so much money and the people I know on Obama care Haidet can’t find their doctors or actually family members that were very sick died because they would not approve them for specialized test they needed. 
I could think of more examples that I think is wrong with the country but is it message is going to be too long. Lol (Person that made this comment in an article here: )

Like · Reply · 3 ·  November,  10 at 10:59am

LXXXe: Leaving Clinton out of it, I get most everything you said, and everything you described in what we need to repair and improve upon requires tax money–not from working people but from cooperations and wealthy people–not rich–not making 80 to 250k. Trump admittedly never paid income tax in 20 years (at least). That money alone could Repair everything you describe. Also, the reason why this infrastructure is so bad now is because we lost so much money since 2001 fighting double wars that were like 10 years long and are still requiring strong military action. This is an outcome of the Bush administrators wars. Republicans historically cut taxes. Democrats historically want to tax corporations and the wealthy. The trade issue, I completely agree with and although I support the Clinton administration, it was under it that NAFTA and outsourcing occurred. They were extremely shortsighted. But there’s more to this than just a President: it’s the administration and Congress that goes into these policies and those are made by partisan parties. And everything you describe that needs repair and improvement outside of trade policies can be, have been, and would have been improved upon if there were an historically Democratic-minded government. Now if the Clinton 2.0 administration would have enforced these taxes and put it toward the infrastructure and programs you said we need, we’ll never know. But she and Bernie campaigned on it.

Like · Reply ·  November , 12 at 2:47pm

MXXXo TO LXXXe: Trump not paying taxes in 20 years I don’t know if you’ve ever experienced this but I have because I own corporations and how right now the tax system works is is that when you own a business if you have a loss you are allowed to carry that loss over to the next year and take it off your taxes of course I’m not on the same level as Trump but I have definitely use that towards my benefit my corporation has had a loss I carried the loss over to the next year and took it off my taxes. I understand you may not agree with that tax code but that is the law so Trump did absolutely nothing wrong if we don’t like it that’s something that needs to be changed he had a huge loss and he was able to carry it over and that’s exactly what he did to his benefit to try and make up for the loss.
I do agree with a fair tax code but I do not agree with taxing let’s say people that make over $1 million a year 80%. This is America if you’re fortunate enough to make millions God bless you have a private jet have a yacht and have 20 vacation homes that is why people came to America that is an American dream for some people you can’t have people work their whole lives blood sweat and tears ends up being lucky enough to become millionaires some even billionaires and then because they were lucky take all their money away from them in taxes or a death tax etc. that’s not fair either listen in America some people make 20,000 a year some people make 1 billion a year and some people make 250,000 a year that’s life but I do believe that property taxes especially here should be cut they’re absolutely ridiculous, The percentage on student loans that the government charges is something like 20% it should be .5 or 1% like what I’m getting on my money in a savings account in a bank! And the tax code should be fair for all somebody that works in the finance industry shouldn’t get a $50,000 bonus and then at the end of the day take-home 22,000 way too many taxes everything should be fair and equal and affordable for ALL . Just my opinion

Like · Reply ·  November , 12 at 3:34pm · Edited

MXXXo:  I just read this on another post so I thought I would share. My own personal reasons, I honestly don’t understand how people talk about how he treats women but are ok with the fact that Hillary chose to stay with a man who is just as bad if not worse….See More

Like · Reply · 6 ·  November,  10 at 11:01am

CXXXi:  Did you read both side’s policies?

Like · Reply · 1 ·  November , 10 at 11:17am

MXXXo TO CXXXi:  I absolutely did, but due to how corrupt I think Hillary is I didn’t necessarily believe her. Nor do I believe putting such excessive taxes on the super wealthy will help us because then the super wealthy is going to go overseas just like they’re doing now.

Like · Reply ·  November,  10 at 11:23am

MXXXo:  With that said when you take both candidates and look at them I personally would rather choose somebody that built an empire from the ground up who was out for his family and his own financial benefit who did great I think the trumps live wonderfully t…See More

Like · Reply · 3 ·  November,  10 at 1:38pm · Edited

LXXXe:  Trump’s business ventures have HUGE amounts to gain from him being president. HUGE gains for him personally. OMG, the money and influence for his international commercial endeavors. World conglomerate.

Like · Reply ·  November , 12 at 2:59pm

MXXXo TO LXXXe:  good for him! I just hope that he helps all Americans, vets infrastructure, terrorism, etc and he drains the swamp

Like · Reply ·  November,  12 at 3:35pm

JXXXd:  Thank you My Friend, for creating this dialog!

Like · Reply · 5 ·  November , 10 at 11:13am

MXXXi:  Now this is real and not some bullshit Apprentice challenge….?

RXXXi:  My Friend for President 2020!

UNKNOWN: I will say I voted for Trump. It wasn’t because I don’t want a woman in office as the President, just not Hillary Clinton. What she has been doing in politics for the last 30 years is unethical and against the law. Being self…See More

Like · Reply · 2 ·  November,  10 at 11:24am

JXXXe:  So glad you asked this – I’ve been wondering the same myself and have been trying to explain to Sammy why this person has been chosen to become our president ?

Like · Reply · 2 ·  November , 10 at 11:33am · Edited

LXXXe:  Honestly, unless you’ve worked in or studied policy, most Americans don’t really understand legislation: how it’s developed and how it gets passed. It’s so easy to turn this into a black & white issue. I personally found that most voting Republican who…See More

Like · Reply · 1 ·  November , 12 at 3:06pm

LXXXe:  *Sad in that they are voting for candidates on the local, state, and national level whose policies simply don’t benefit them

MXXXd:  Trump tapped into American protectionism in the Rust Belt. Hillary should have been touting Democrats rescue of the auto industry more (and maybe she did), but Citizen’s United purchased public opinion. Publicly financed elections are the only solution to get the truth out.

Like · Reply ·  November , 10 at 12:32pm

JXXXd:  I think the polls created a wrong picture of the situation and increased the amount of voters who took Trump’s side as a revolt against Clinton’s apparently secure win.

Unlike · Reply · 2 ·  November , 10 at 1:00pm

JXXXl:  I voted trump because of 1terrorism 2health care 3military/veterans deserve nothing but the best, I felt uneasy with Hilary. It’s sad to say BuT the way trump speaks of/talks to women is a reflection of today’s culture. Why get angry by it now, while …See More

Like · Reply · 3 ·  November,  10 at 1:08pm

JXXXl:  And I’d like to add that i voted Obama last 2 terms. As most trump supporters did or he wouldn’t of won

Like · Reply · 1 ·  November , 10 at 1:09pm

JXXXf:  I just saw your post. Feel free to read mine I couldn’t help myself to post if you are bored and have 20 minutes lol. Unless the vitriol is too much and I took it down ??. Ps- I love a good, American, respectful discussion.

Unlike · Reply · 2 ·  November , 10 at 1:28pm

DXXXi:  I appreciate all who have responded.

Unlike · Reply · 2 ·  November, 10 at 1:41pm

MXXXo:  As a trump voter. I have the same Curiosity about you as a Hillary voter. Can you explain your point of view ?

Like · Reply · 1 ·  November , 10 at 3:33pm

DXXXi:  Very briefly put, I felt she had better experience, temperament and voiced advocacy for the human rights issues that I feared would not be protected with Trump. For me it was more of how much I didn’t like what I saw, heard and felt from Trump more than me backing Clinton.

Like · Reply · 4 ·  November , 10 at 3:57pm

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SXXXs:  After going back and forth with both political stances it was THE CLINTON SUPPORTERS that swayed me. Some, not all, scared me. While I know you can’t believe everything on social media… the “unfriending”, hatred, and plain out nastiness was alarming….See More

Like · Reply · 4 ·  November,  10 at 1:52pm

DXXXi : Thank you for sharing

Like · Reply ·  November,  10 at 5:17pm

TXXXs : The reason his business dealings were looked at so closely was because he was running for Public Office for the highest position in the world.. He deserves our full scrutiny. Just has we have scrutinized Hillary Clinton’s 30 years in public office. What he has said in the past matters, just like what Hillary said in the past matters. What he has done in the past matters, just like it has for Hillary.

Like · Reply · 2 ·  November,  10 at 7:05pm

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Curtis Waller: It’s a difficult pill to swallow, as the draw to Trump, can only be from a place of hate or phobia in the end. The unfortunate part is the hate is spawn from ignorance and the phobia delusion. “What is the draw to Trump”? His constant lies about how he cares about the American public. You, unlike many of your friends, understand how media works. People just choose to believe what they’re fed the most, despite blatant adverse facts. The way things are reminded me of the Rwandan genocide, known officially as the genocide against the Tutsi – a mass slaughter of Tutsi in Rwanda by members of the Hutu majority government. Those that were doing the killing were motivated by hate rhetoric over the radio, liken to Trump’s rallies. It’s like monkey see monkey do — and if he’s getting away with it… well why not say how I really feel. I hope that sheds some light or lends to a broader perspective.

Like · Reply · 5 ·  November,  10 at 3:56pm · Edited

My Friend: There is so much ugly in the world right now. Emotions are fueling so much rudeness and bitterness from every direction. I wanted a chance to talk level headed with any that wanted to voice why he was their choice.

Unlike · Reply · 2 ·  November,  10 at 4:06pm

Curtis Waller:  I commend you, comments I’ve read substantiate your feelings – if I missed any revelations please advise

Like · Reply ·  November,  10 at 4:08pm

PXXXl: I will be happy to answer your question DXXXa. Here’s why I supported Trump this election:

— He’s not a DC insider or politician…See More

Like · Reply · 2 ·  November,  10 at 4:09pm

MXXXr:  Hi P, this is just a question out of curiosity to your point 1. How do you feel if his entire cabinet ends up being DC insiders/politicians?

Like · Reply · 2 ·  November , 10 at 4:32pm

PXXXl:  Depends….I’ll wait to see what they do first and judge them on their actions.

Like · Reply ·  November,  10 at 4:34pm

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MXXXa:  For the most part the only people that voted for Hillary are in the major cities and while that’s about half of the population the working people in the rest of this country want to work. They want to be able to feel good about their country and put Am…See More

Like · Reply · 1 ·  November,  10 at 6:12pm

shit head trumpMXXXa:  And the same people who are offended by Trump shouldn’t be saying “The draw to Trump can only be from a place of hate or phobia in the end.” Unless they are admitting to being a hypocrite. I’m not hateful and I’m not afraid and I voted Trump.

Like · Reply · 1 ·  November,  10 at 6:34pm

LXXXs:  Basically I think both sides are extreme. The real problem is that nobody listens to anyone who disagrees with them other either side. I am a conservative democrat/ liberal republican. In other words, moderate. I voted for Clinton and I think extremism…See More

Like · Reply · 2 ·  November,  10 at 6:29pm

LXXXs:  And thank you for offering up a normal conversation, unlike most people.

Like · Reply · 3 ·  November, 10 at 6:40pm

My Friend:  Thank you all again.

Unlike · Reply · 2 ·  November, 10 at 7:02pm

TXXXh:  you need very good timing with your partner in order to cum together…

Like · Reply · 3 ·  November, 10 at 7:14pm

DXXXi:  I miss you, Sxxxy. We’re your ears ringing the other day?

Like · Reply ·  November,  10 at 7:16pm

TXXXh:  Ah, I miss you too! Thought that would make everyone laugh…no ear ringing, tho – why? My ass is still ringing from the reaming the uneducated white males just gave us city-folk, otherwise no. Who were you with?

LXXXa:  Here’s my 2 cents.. People just got tired of democrat policy. It’s as simple as that. Nothing wrong with fighting for equal rights… That’s a beautiful thing, but when it’s taken to such extremes it’s like… Ugh already! Trump supporters generally ju…See More

Unlike · Reply · 5 ·  November 10 at 8:23pm · Edited

Curtis Waller:  This is an unfortunate truth My Friend – the general public just switches every 8 years out of boredom – not thoroughly considering the bigger picture instead succumbing to what feels like will be more gratifying.

Like · Reply · 1 ·  November,  12 at 1:07pm

My Friend:  Yes, it’s true. A grass is always greener sort of mindset.

Like · Reply ·  November, 12 at 1:08pm

JXXXs:  Great post and feedback from friends and family.. I was “spewing Venom” as you said yesterday… I was getting messages from many people spewing stuff at me saying how can you support this guy etc etc.. which caused that post. Ive tried to have normal …See More

Like · Reply · 1 ·  November 10 at 8:28pm

DXXXi:  I actually didn’t see your post from yesterday. Will look it up.

Like · Reply ·  November 10 at 9:31pm

AXXXs:  Thanks for this, DXXXa. (and everyone else)

Like · Reply ·  November,  10 at 10:07pm

AXXXn:  Love this!!

Like · Reply · 1 ·  November 10 at 11:04pm

AXXXo:  This is a difficult question to answer, only because of the hyper sensitive nature of the topic and the extremely high level of emotional investment people have put into this (and the last few) elections. I see a great many people struggling with the …See More

Like · Reply · 4 ·  November 11 at 8:19am

DXXXi:  Thank you for responding. It’s nice to hear from you. Hope you are well.

Like · Reply ·  November 11 at 8:23am

AXXXo:  I’m doing well, thanks. Great post. Quite the rarity right now. You rock.

Like · Reply ·  November 11 at 10:56am

CXXXe TO DXXXi:  and friends of yours…. this was really the best post I have seen in a very long while… I just wish all the ppl with hatred posts and who are deleting friends based on who they voted for would be able to read the responses you received here. IMO ppl did not vote for Trump bc they support racism/sexism etc., it is bc they want to see change just as was explained in posts above. Ty Ty Ty DXXXa

Like · Reply · 4 ·  November, 11 at 8:25am

GXXXs:  I will never understand how a country like America will elect a man with no idea how the world works, admire dictators around the world, never served or done anything for anyone in his life, have no respect for no one, no class or common decency. Spea…See More

Like · Reply · 1 ·  November,  11 at 8:56am

DXXXi:  You are not alone in your thoughts, as all of us have seen and/or felt everywhere. This post was simply to talk, to hear, to try and understand what else there is to see that’s different from what you stated. I can’t express how much I appreciate the r…See More

Like · Reply · 4 ·  November,  11 at 9:19am

CXXXi:  I have to ask, and since this seems like a nice, civil forum to do so, the protection of the environment tops my list of what I’m most afraid of, did the Trump supporters know and understand his plan?

Like · Reply · 1 ·  November, 11 at 9:06am

CXXXi replied · 2 Replies

LXXXo:  Very well stated dear Cousin. But I do feel wounded by this election, not so much by my candidate losing; but to who she lost too. His words and racist comments and actions running for President can and will never go away. A person does not change o…See More

Like · Reply · 2 ·  November, 12 at 4:37pm

DXXXi replied · 1 Reply

AXXXm:  Trump is our President, like it or not. It’s best to give him a chance to do what is right. I’m not a fire breathing liberal. There are people out there who feel left behind by the demographic shift in this country (more brown people, less white peo…See More

Like · Reply · 4 ·  November, 15 at 12:18pm

My Friend replied · 1 Reply

DXXXe:  This is one of the most civilized threads I’ve ever seen on Facebook.

Proud Trump Supporter

Proud Trump Supporter

Even with all the blatant bullshit thus far, proof of corruption, and idiotic tweets – those that voted still choose to stand with this monster – no human being that has an ounce of integrity would continue to support him. Here’s a few faces of those that do. FedEx worker left and the link below is CNN’s Alisyn Camerota with six very enthusiastic folks for a segment on grading Trump’s performance.

One man from Nashville had the courage to express his feelings on his poor decision. Trump supporters took the position that it’s hard to prove that the man voted for the “45th,” stating he could simply be trying to give the impression, that Trump voters are switching sides. This simply lends to the unprecedented delusion of those who are not critical thinkers, as the state of our nation, steadily enters a critical state under the current administration.

The continual outpouring of love for Trump by his supporters only reveals their true nature, which is clear to any person of substance, that upholds the true modern ideals of the American spirit.

compiled today for reflection now, tomorrow and years from now…


THE 45th’s ORANGE AID PERSISTS – ‘The Delusional Pt.2’


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