Despite the ongoing racist rhetoric, lies, homophobic actions and misogynistic manner of a sexual predator posing as a Christian that occupies our White House, millions that voted for him still support and glorify his actions. This of course can only mean that the steadfast supporters, are just as despicable and delusional as he is, or blind and ignorant to his true plight – the advancement of Trump.

A friend of a friend on Facebook (FB) wrote: “Here’s a thought: If you voted a reality television star, his family, and his cronies into office, you might as well shut your fucking mouth up about respecting the flag or military. You clearly have no respect for this country and no appreciation or understanding for how dangerous this world is. You live in some fantasy land where dotards are admirable, all people of color are out to get you, and billionaires actually give a fuck about you. In the meantime, you have signed off on making our country unworthy of respect and put Her, and the world, at more risk than ever. Stand up, sing your anthem, and then shut the fuck up while the non-fucking morons in this country figure out how to undo what you’ve done. Oh, and god bless America.”

FROM The Washington Times: “In his first four months in office, President Trump has achieved the dubious distinction of being investigated by an independent prosecutor and at least five major oversight committees in Congress run by his own party. The issues are deeply serious. Crimes may have been committed, lies have been told under oath, and Trump has allegedly attempted more than once to obstruct justice and shut down an official investigation into whether some of his top campaign advisers have engaged in collusion with the Russians to interfere with the 2016 election. Trump insists that the whole story has been cooked up by his political enemies and promoted by the news media that he says is the “enemy” of the American people. But our U.S. intelligence agencies have concluded that Russia in fact stole emails from the Democratic National Committee, planted fake news stories to Trump’s benefit, and otherwise meddled in our election in ways that are still being uncovered.”

Recently the 45th chose to condemn NFL football players for taking a knee during the National Anthem at their games. He outright called Colin Kaepernick a “Son of a Bitch.” Kaepernick’s initial protest, and the ongoing one by other NFL players, is against police brutality – that’s it. “The only ones confused are the media and those following the media as they do what they do to divert and divide us. Those who have been with Kapernick from day one are still here for the same reason.” Sentiments shared from a random FB comment.

Statements from a friend on FB on the climate of White House actions: “Currently, President Trump’s Health Department is preparing to release an official document, defining life as ‘beginning at conception’ — a move that could signal incoming actions against abortion and contraception.” “Michelle Obama was fiercely criticized by FoxNews for wearing a sleeveless dress as the First Lady and bearing brown arms. Meanwhile, not a peep about this.” The “First Lady” of the day is at an event without a bra on. “The only thing that could make the Harvey Weinstein story sicker and more depraved would be if he’d joked about it all with Howard Stern for years and then became President.”

The last quote brings us to the controversial distraction of the day. Harvey Weinstein’s sexual assaults have been bombarding the news for the past two weeks. Several celebrities have voiced adverse thoughts about the Hollywood executive’s misconduct, that resulted in him being fired, from his own company.

And in come the delusional(s)… A few years ago, first lady Michelle Obama praised the work of Weinstein, at a student symposium.

Despite that work, the delusional want to believe the then P.O.T.U.S., and all of Hollywood KNEW, he was a sexual predator all along – “They made fun of it at award shows,” one says. This is liken to Trump seeing people partying in New Jersey after the attack on the World Trade Center. The unfortunate truth is that jokes about Weinstein being inappropriate, were made at at least one award show by Seth MacFarlane, as well as on the TV show “30 Rock.” However this by no means confirms that ‘EVERYBODY’ knew, but certainly says, that several obviously did.

Seth MacFarlane…

“30 Rock”…

The New Yorker item by Ronan Farrow…

Unfortunately there’s no protection for your eyes from the 45th’s supporter lies, but in lieu of a previous blog referenced below, I had to let you know how the idiotic banter flows. At least there are aspects of reasonable thoughts expressed.

FB Stream…

KBU: “It is all about the Moola.”

RK: “Such F-ing hypocrites.”

KBU: “I completely agree. Is it possible that she was not aware of this disgusting pig’s antics? Possibly. I prefer to give her the benefit of the doubt. (However money has a way of making people hold a blind’s eye to reality.)”

RK: “everyone knew… They openly joked about it on several of the awards shows…”

KBU: “She is a mother of two daughters. I do not believe she would have ignored this, if she was fully aware of the severity of his actions. Regardless, yes, hypocrites beyond belief.”

RK: “how do you explain their support of Bill Clinton?”

KBU: “Who? Michelle Obama?”

RK: “yes”

KBU: “That is another story…lol”

ECW: “Hillary might be the biggest hypocrite of all. She’s pro-women? I don’t think so…”

On Friday the 13th, Larry Flynt the creator of “Hustler” magazine, offered a 10-thousand dollar reward to anyone providing information, that leads to Trump’s impeachment…

Despite the ongoing irresponsible ravings of this degenerate, he’s raised over 30-million dollars since he’s taken office, towards a re-election campaign…

Blogged as an earmark for this surreal period in time…


The Privileged, The Pompous, Derailed and Delusional (PPDD)


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