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Vietnam by Julian Bond

Vietnam, is a comic that was written by Julian Bond and published in 1967, after he was expelled from the Georgia House of Representatives for

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Celebrating Blackness 2014 Vol.5

Celebrating Blackness is a on-going series that pays homage to those who fought against oppression. The Museum Of UnCut Funk Celebrates Blackness and pays homage to strong

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Sam Milai Political Art

As we approach the anniversary of the Civil Rights Act the Museum Of UnCut Funk celebrates one of the greatest illustrators who ever lived. Sam

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Paul DEO

“Don’t let someone’s opinion of You become your Reality, it’s Your Life: create and Be Your Reality” – Paul DEO. That statement by Paul DEO is

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Carteles Magazine

Anyone who knows the Curator of the Museum Of UnCut Funk knows I want to travel to Cuba. Carteles magazine makes me want to go

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Sam Milai – Don Powers

The eight-page color comic section produced for the Pittsburgh Courier is the only attempt I’m aware of to do a color comics section in a Black paper.*

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