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Raymond Ayala

I had a conversation with Raymond Ayala and I was really impressed with his passion for his craft. I explained to him that I am

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I met these cats at the New York Comic Con. When I heard them talk about their love for Blaxploitation and how their character was

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J.M. DeSantis

I met JM at the Bronx Heros Comic Con this year. We discussed his work and I mentioned that I thought it would be a

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Jabaar L. Brown

I met Jabaar Borwn when I attended ECBACC earlier this year. We talked for a while and Jabaar was so energetic and passionate about his

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Joe Kubert 1926 – 2012

Comic book artist Joe Kubert, aged 85, passed away on August 12, 2012 from multiple myeloma. His influence upon comic books and comic book artists

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Babatope Oyawusi

Babatope Oyawusi (aka Bobby) is a brother I was introduced to by a friend. I spoke with Bobby and attended his art show which was

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Robert Trujilo

I came across this brothers’ site and I dug the work he produced. According to his blog page, Robert Trujilo is Love and Light, Father, Illustration, Murals, Storytelling, Trust Your Struggle

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