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Dwayne McDuffie

Dwayne McDuffie, who wrote comic books for Marvel and DC and co-founded his own publishing company before crossing over to television and animation, has died. He

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Samuel R. Delany

Samuel R. “Chip” Delany won four Nebula Awards by the age of 26 and is arguably the best science fiction writer in the world. After his

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From the minds of Jim Rugg and Brian Maruca, the Afrodisiac phenomena got it’s start in 2005 as short stories and anthologies. Jim Rugg, co-creator

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Torchy Brown

Torchy Brown first appeared in the Pittsburgh Courier in the 1937-38 comic strip Dixie to Harlem, drawn by the first Black Female Cartoonist, Jackie Ormes.

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Crazy Magazine

  For a short time in the early 1970’s, Crazy magazine, a competitor of Mad and Cracked magazines was published by Marvel Comics. In 1973,

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I Am Curious

I am Curious (Black) is the first Superman’s Girlfriend story. Lois Lane is sent to get a story in Metropolis’s “Little Africa” but is unable

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Return Of The Super Pimps

  Return Of The Super Pimps issues 1-6 are written by Richard A. Hamilton, drawn by Ulises Carpintero and Rich Bonilla, colored and lettered by

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Black Music And Comics

In celebration of June being Black Music Month, The Museum Of UnCut Funk is highlighting Black music and musicians featured in comic books.

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Richard “Grass” Green

Richard “Grass” Green (May 7 1939 – August 5, 2002) was a cartoonist most notable being the first Black participant in both the 1960’s fan

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Superman Vs. Muhammad Ali

Superman’s Greatest Opponent: Muhammad Ali Superman has had a tumultuous superhero career since his debut in 1938. He has been forced to walk the Earth

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Fast Willie Jackson

Fast Willie Jackson was a funky comic book series that depicted 1970’s Black culture in a positive way. The cast of characters reminds you of

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