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Funkin’ Parking

Why don’t people under 30 know how to park? OK, obviously a lot of them can park, but there’s a BUNCH of people that can’t.

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Aretha Cancels Her Tour

Recently out of the hospital, Aretha Franklin has been told no touring until Spring. According to her publicist No Doubt Marketing and Media, the undisputed

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Dates 4 Welcome 2 America

    The first run of dates for Prince’s “Welcome 2 America” tour were announced Monday (10/27) morning. Purple Rain will fall on New Jersey December 14,

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Funkin’ Video Games

  I’m funkin’ pissed off about the new tactic that video games are using for their advertising. While I don’t knock anybody for playing video

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Funkin’ New Music

  Lauryn Hill’s got a new song. Titled “Repercussions,” it’s right in pocket for where Hill fans would want her to be. The groove and lyrics

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Funky Franklin

  Aretha, “The Queen of Soul,” Franklin has chosen Halle Berry and Denzel Washington to star in her forthcoming biopic. Berry would portray Franklin in the

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Funkin’ Lauryn Hill

  Lauryn Hill made a special appearance at this year’s “Rock The Bells” concert in New York recently (8/29). Jay-Z, Beyoncé, Swizz Beatz, Chris Rock,

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Prince After Dark

  Prince has done impromptu sets at clubs around the country, and I imagine the world, for years. Last night (8/19), his highness was chillin’

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Remembering Robert Wilson

  BELOW IS A PRESS RELEASE FROM THE GAP BAND’S PUBLICIST Palmdale, California – August 16, 2010 – Robert Wilson, one third of sibiling funk

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Funky Sexy Television

    “Grabbing Life by the Balls” and “Let’s Blow this Joint!” There’s beauty in simplicity. Every time I see these ads I can’t help

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Funk In The Movies

  George Clinton’s “Horrorween” is in post-production.  The King of Funk composed the soundtrack for the film and also has a cameo. When two students are working

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