I’m not a beer aficionado, but I do enjoy a cold crisp beer that is well balanced and pleasing to my palate.

I always have my old stand by, Stella Artois. But here are a few beers that I enjoy a little more.

I like Leinenkugel Berry Weiss on a hot summer day because this beer is fruity but not overly sweet. When it’s icy cold it’s great with a burgers and ribs.

Allagash White is a great belgian style white beer that is smooth and full bodied without any bitter aftertaste. I discovered this beer while on vacation in Maine. The Allagash brewery is in Portland, Maine.

Last but not least is Sam Adams. Anything Sam Adams is good but I prefer the Cherry Wheat. Beer should be fun (when drinking responsibly) not over bearing, bitter or have a strong aftertaste. Yes I like my beers a little fruity and lightly sweetened.

Try them you never know…you may just like them.

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