On a recent episode of Man v Food on the Travel Channel, my favorite network, the host Adam Richman ate at a deli in New Jersey called Harold’s. He ate a humongous sandwich and a huge piece of cake. So of course you know I had to go and check this place out for myself.

Although I saw their food on the show, I was still surprised at how gigantic Harold’s portions were. They definitely give you enough to share. Some of their sandwiches feed as many as 8 people.

When you step into Harold’s you are seduced by the aroma of fresh pickles and fresh rye bread. If you love really good New York Jewish deli’s, then it’s a smell you can appreciate. Next, their cake display hits you right in the face…it contains mammoth size cakes like I’ve never seen before. At first you have to ask yourself why would you do that to yourself? But if you are a foodie you won’t be able to help yourself, because you will become hypnotized by the wall of cake and frosting.

I decided to order take out and indulge in the privacy of my office with my associate. I gathered my myself and ordered a turkey and swiss on rye, a grilled cheese with bacon (which turned out to be a bacon sandwich with cheese), 2 cans of the best soda on the planet…Dr. Browns and a house sized slice of chocolate cake. Now this is not a cheap date, so be prepared to spend some money. But it was worth it.

Harold’s Deli – 3050 Woodbridge Avenue,  Edison, NJ 08837
(732) 661-9100

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