Anyone who knows me knows that I love Indian food. I love spicy, curried foods from India. I was introduce to Indian foods over 15 years ago and I have been a fan ever since. My very dear friend Russell shares this passion for Indian food as well, so it is a treat to catch up with him and go to his favorite spot in New York for a culinary feast.

The Indian Cafe is located on 108th Street and Broadway in New York. Russ and I have been indulging for the past 7 years. What I love most is not the food, but that fact that they play house music…which I find to be awesome. The service is great and the owner is always there to greet and serve you. The food is fresh and outstanding.

On this epicurean journey we feasted on appetizers. We ordered pan fried hand mashed potato dumplings in chickpea batter, Aloo papri chaat which is whole flour crisp dressed with onions garbanzo beans diced potatoes cilantro yogurt and chutney, Bhatura bread with aloo chili and yogurt, Curry garbanzo beans and potatoes and spinach with chick peas. For dessert we had Rasmalai a custard with pistachios and coconut. What a culinary delight.

So if you’re ever on the upper west side of Manhattan please check out the Indian Cafe.

The Indian Cafe
2791 Broadway, New York, New York 10025
(212) 749-9200

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