Hurricane Sandy has brought out a side in me that I thought I’d never see…a crazed person who would do damn near anything for a hot shower and some heat. So while waiting for the power to come back on I decided try a new joint to eat and drink and drink and drink.

While driving up and down the highway looking for gas, power and a smoke free place to thaw out and juice up our phones and computers, we noticed a sign at GrilleStone Sports Bar…”We’re open and you can charge your phones here!!!” Great, a warm place with a bar and food. We go in, get a booth and first thing I ordered was a Jack Daniels and cranberry juice chaser…something I haven’t had since my freshman year in college, but I needed to get warm fast.

I also ordered fried calamari and a well done bluecheese burger on a brioche roll. My foodie partner in crime was so disgusted with being cold that she had no appetite. So she ordered a beer and a ceasar salad. It was sports bar food but the Jack Daniels was good!!!

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