Cafe 70 has been on hiatus but that hasn’t stopped me from keeping up with my love of cooking, shopping and most importing eating.

I’ve been convalescing and watching all of my favorite culinary shows. While flipping the channels I came across this show called New York Originals on PBS. The segment that I watched talked about a company called Hammersmith Copper Cookware, which is located in Brooklyn, New York. They are actually making copper pots in Brooklyn! I love copper pots. The first set of pots I purchased was a Calphalon 13 piece set. But as I have delved deeper into my passion for cooking and entertaining I have come to realize that I really really want a set of copper pots. I must say it’s really hard to justify spending almost a grand on one set of pots only to want another for twice as much.

With that said, I enjoyed the show so much that I visited the Hammersmith website (as they do not have a brick and mortar location) and to my surprise they too are on hiatus due to an increase in orders since the airing New York Originals and the damage they suffered from Hurricane Sandy. They are taking pre-orders through Summer 2013, and will be resuming online ordering after that point. If you are into cooking, have some extra money to spend and don’t want to go to France to buy your copper pots then check them out. I certainly plan to.

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