At one point amidst our daily usage of cell phones and modern technology, it seemed to me that some folks were just getting out of hand.  It inspired me to do this cheesy short film, I hope you like it.

Cell Stalker bodyIn a world where technology has advanced past the boundaries of human use and people are encouraged not to be good stewards of its use, a dis-connect is upon us.  The ability to text & twitter instead of having a face-to-face conversation, the constant intrusion of cell phones in every day life, the rhetoric and excessive chatter… it can all be so overwhelming.  A fellow citizen SNAPS… and “Cell Stalker” is born.  Taking out those who have no regard for their fellow commuters, with their selfish indulgent “communication”.  First up, “Party Girl,” will the “Wall Streeter” be next or will it be the Record Exec?  Starring Heidi Selexa, featuring Michael Sanders and Thom O’Conner, if ya got 9 minutes and change, put down your cell phone, i-pad or Galaxy and watch “Cell Stalker”…

 <iframe src="" width="500" height="376" frameborder="0" webkitAllowFullScreen mozallowfullscreen allowFullScreen></iframe><a href="">Cell Stalker</a> from <a href="">Curtis Waller</a> on <a href="">Vimeo</a>.

Cell Stalker body2The context of this short lends to blogs I’ve written over the past year regarding media and aspects of technology discussing the good and evils of its use.  It’s easy to get caught up, taking media breaks is important to your general well being… Facebook is not real life.  Click on the following links:

for the documentary short “Coffee Shopping in Amsterdam”, go here:Cell Stalker body3

in hope of presenting a cheeky perspective on media, logging off til’ tomorrow


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