Guy Fortune was the first Black Secret Agent to be featured in a comic strip.

Guy Fortune was also one of the first Black heroes to appear in a comic strip.

Guy Fortune was a new comic strip created for the Pittsburgh Courier’s new color comic section that premiered on August 19, 1950 and ran through October 22, 1955.  Although the color section ended in 1954, the comic continued to run in Black and White.

The color comic section was produced by the Smith-Mann Syndicate and only appeared in the Pittsburgh Courier, one of the biggest Black newspapers in the country at that time.

Guy Fortune was part of a quartet of Vintage Black Heroes, along with Mark HuntNeil Knight and The Chisholm Kid that appeared in the color comic section.

As with many of the other comic strips, Guy Fortune outlasted the color section and was demoted to daily-style black and white format.

Guy Fortune #1

Guy Fortune #1

Guy Fortune was written by Edd Ashe.

The Guy Fortune Story:

  • Spy who conducts secret missions for U.S. Intelligence all over the world
  • Sidekick name is Jimmy


Guy Fortune was similar to comic contemporary Secret Agent X-9.

The Museum Of UnCut Funk sends out a special thank you to Allan Holtz at the Stripper’s Guide for allowing us to repost information from his articles on the Smith-Mann Syndicate.

Source: Allan Holtz; Copyright  Allan Holtz 2013 The Strippers Guide


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    Thanks for this page. I have been wanting to see more of this character for years.

  • April 5, 2018

    Is there anywhere to find these comics in book/magazine form?

  • Alan
    February 20, 2020

    Priceless (and surprisingly good)!

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