The year is half-way over as summer is upon us.  The first five months flew by to me, but since 2012, my thinking has been that 2013 & 14 are merely set-up and transitional for 2015.  I don’t even know why I’ve thought that way, “it’s just a feeling I’ve got.”  I personally moved to Boston this year and graduated from college last year, so perhaps it was just the transitions of my life that I foresaw.

That said, I’ve got some favorites in music I’d like to share with those who love discovering new music.  This Tuesday is a big release date for CDs, featuring the diversity of Mariah Carey, Pearl Jam and Santana, I like all three.  Other new joints that have dropped this year include a new Michael Jackson CD; the Black Keys; Shakira; Jack White; Coldplay; a Linda Ronstadt duets album; Iggy Azalea; and Toni Braxton & Babyface’s latest “Love, Marriage & Divorce”

While Pearl Jam, Coldplay and Ronstadt’s CDs are more honorable mentions at this point in the year, I believe the others I’ve mentioned will be among my Top-10 for 2014.  Carey teams up with JD a.k.a. Jermaine Dupri for this new one.  In the words of another fan, “Whenever Mariah and JD get in the studio it’s like magic” — remember that Jeff (Cornell)?  This statement was made after the release of Mariah’s “The Emancipation of Mimi,” which features the hit “Shake it Off,” that’s STILL in my i-pod ;-).  Her new one is titled “Me. I Am Mariah.” The new Santana is in the vein of the releases he’s been doing for the past few years with a plethora of duets.  Titled “Corazon,” which means Heart in Spanish, it includes fellow Latin stars Gloria Estefan, Pitbull, Juanes, Romeo Santos and Los Fabulosos Cadillacs.  Jazz great Wayne Shorter, Ziggy Marley doing a re-make of “Iron Lion Zion”, and Santana’s wife Cindy Blackmon-Santana are also featured on “Corazon.”  Iggy Azalea’s “The New Classic” is a banger, but the artist has unfortunately been at the center of controversy as of late.  Not for any of her actions, but due to how she’s been perceived and/ or talked about     .  The Black Keys were up in arms about Michael Jackson’s posthumous release “Xscape.”  Their new one “Turn Blue” is a departure from their last two CDs, “El Camino” and “Brothers,” reverting back to the vibe of “Attack and Release.”  I’m already feeling that I’m going to like Jack White’s new one “Lazaretto” more than his debut solo album, and all of it isn’t even available yet to listen to, but check out the title track…

So far that’s it for this FUNK lover – PLEASE, if there’s anything else out there, let a brother know.

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