In five days Oxygen’s new series “Sisterhood of Hip-Hop” hits the tube.  A new show from the mind of T.I., the tagline is “Chasing the Dream, Changing the Game.”  While chasing the dream is all too real, it remains to be seen if any of these “up and comers” will “change the game.”  The 5 cast members are: Brianna Perry, Nyemiah Supreme, Diamond, Bia and Siya.  The show will have special appearances of established talents, Pharrell, Rick Ross, Eve, Lil Jon, Irv Gotti, Tank and Travie McCoy.

Sisterhood of Hip-Hop“Sisterhood of Hip-Hop” airs on August 12th at 9pm/ 8c.  On Friday August 1st, former “Terror Squad” first lady Remy Ma, was released from jail.
  The MC is already in the studio working with DJ Khaled.  The photo below was posted recently via social media, with Khaled “apparently”, giving Remy some direction.  There’s already a track floating around online, titled “They Don’t Love You No More,” it even has a remix?  When the “remix” first came to be, it occurred after a song was released and peaked or flopped and needed a boost.  For far too long now a remix drops simultaneously, if not before the “original mix,” but I digress.  To get the more in depth story on Remy, details of her release and praise from her reputed “man” Papoose, click the link below…

Remy Ma in the studio

Rashawnna Guy, better known as Shawna, is the daughter of legendary blues musician Buddy Guy.  She hit the rap scene years ago, and was signed to Ludacris’ label Disturbing Tha Peace.  I first had the pleasure of seeing her rip the stage with Luda about ten years ago in MIA at a festival.  Talk about one of the greatest Femme Fatales to grab a mic, Shawna brought the Thunder, I couldn’t wait to hear an album from her.  She started out with the rap group Infamous Syndicate.  They dropped one CD in ’99 called (ironically) “Changing The Game.”  There have been so many that profess ‘changing the game’ and “Ain’t a Damn Thing Changed,” it’s ridiculous.  Shawna’s debut, “Worth Tha Weight,” came out in 2004; her second release, “Block Music” dropped in 2006.  Friends and fans were excited about her third CD.  A collaboration project with Ludacris, “Battle of the Sexes,” was to be the final breakthrough album hip-hop heads were waiting for from the MC — but Shawna bailed on the project’s promotion.  She talks about how she was pregnant and needed to escape the machine of record companies, in a VIBE article that was published in 2010, but hasn’t been heard from since.  Also in the story, she tells the interviewer, that she’s now signed to T-Pain’s Nappy Boy Entertainment.  A three page item, pages two and three are inverted, so go from one, to three, then back to page two for a consistent flow…

Luda and Shawnashawnaandtpain







The talk of new female MCs “arriving” got me thinking of my favorites that have come to pass.  Since the early days of Roxanne Shante, so many have made an imprint in hip-hop, hence hip-hop lovers are still thirsting.  Forbes executed the pop-cultural faux pas, of giving T.I. protégé Iggy Azalea, the crown for lady MCs these days.  While I love what Iggy brings to the table, the writer quickly back peddled on his words, after much Internet upheaval…

Nicki Minaj came at a time, when no other females were putting it down, and is now referred to as an “icon” by far too many.  Prince is an “icon”; Mariah Carey is an “icon”; Queen Latifah is an “icon” — Webster’s definition: a person who is very successful and admired; an object of uncritical devotion.  While I don’t begrudge anyone’s success, Minaj is a figure of much criticism despite her devoted fans, and leaves a lot to be admired.  It was crazy to me that she had beef with Lil’ Kim, when her whole style at the gate, was nothing but a re-production.

Beef w/ Kim…

Stupid Hoe story…

More on Lil’ Kim…


Queen LatifahqueenlatifahMissy Elliott

Missy Elliott

MC LyteMC Lyte

Salt N PepaSalt N Pepa


Lil’ KimLil' Kim





Lady of RageLady of Rage

Da BratDa Brat

Left EyeLisa “Left-Eye” LopesLisa Lopes

Rah DiggaRah Digga



Remy Ma

Azealia Amanda Banks

Remy MaIggy Azalea

banksIggy Azalea










Shout Out and PROPS to Lauryn Hill, Monie Love, Nikki D, Trina and spoken word singer, Jill Scott.

for the love of Female MCs

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