The Butterfly was the first Black Female Superheroine to be featured in a comic book.

Butterfly Character 1

The Butterfly appeared in two comics in 1971 – Hell-Rider #1 and #2.

Hell Rider was a black and white magazine published by Skywald (Sol Brodsky and Herschel Waldman) which ran for just two issues. There are two features in the comic book – The Butterfly, and The Wild Bunch – but instead of making them separate entities, both stories are a part of the bigger Hell-Rider story.

The Butterfly was written by Gary Freidrich, illustrated by Rich Buckler.

The Butterfly Story:

  • Crime fighting Superheroine
  • Can overpower and permanently blind villains, fly at 100 miles per hour with her power pack, climb and adhere to structures with her finger cups
  • Her alter ego is Marian Michaels, a beautiful, aspiring songstress and super bad soul sister


The Butterfly – Hell Rider #1

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The Butterfly – Hell Rider #2

“The Butterfly Against the Brothers of the Crimson Cross”.

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